Wild Heart Group Coaching

“ Bone by bone, hair by hair  Wild Woman comes back.  Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered, Wild Woman comes back. She comes back through story. ”
~Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Intimate group coaching  is for women wanting to ignite their desire and reconnect with their wild. Women who want to live wild, heart centred, powerful, courageous lives. Intimate group coaching is a beautiful way to accelerate your growth. In small groups the energy is always squared, meaning that there is a compounding and a clearing of the river by many. It is group consciousness carrying you. Your learnings and breakthroughs can be amplified by the group energy as there is a synergy to what comes up to be shared, claimed and embodied.  Each woman’s revelations are an offering to the whole group. Together we go on a Shamanic journey to rewinding ourselves.

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Past programs have included:
Wild Fire’s and Wild Heart
{Women’s community}
We Are Made of Constellations
{The Art of Self Inquiry}
{allowing your interior essence to be seen}
I am Shakti
{Stoking the fire of your authentic feminine nature}
Pilgrim’s Soul
{Intuitive planning for life’s journey}
Leading with Heart
{Personal Leadership to impact the world}


Womb at the Center of the Universe from Timeless Earth Wisdom on Vimeo.


Raves of Love

Anne BayfordWild Heart  has been amazing! I have learnt to love all aspects of me! I have learnt a value lesson about being a woman, I use to hate opening up and feeling venerable until lotus showed me in her “I take no bullshit” way, that being venerable is actually being very powerful as a woman by living in your feminine and letting every part of you shine out to the world, and you know what, if someone doesn’t love you for that it doesn’t matter because there are a lot more who do, thanks lotus, love you you amazing woman. xx – Anne Bayford
Sue McQuillanFamily isn’t always those of blood. It’s those that choose to be in your life. It’s those that love you enough to stand up and challenge your beliefs and push you to be the very best you can be. They are the ones that will do anything to see you smile, see you succeed and support you. Being a part of a women’s group such as Wild Heart is a family of beautiful women who’s purpose is to come together to share to learn and to support. Lotus is an amazingly passionate facilitator and mother of Wild Heart who will keep you on track to be the very best creator of your life. ~Sue McQuillan
Charmaine SpicerWild Heart is to me a place, a space, a gathering of women. A safe and warm environment for me to learn, grow and share the journey that is pursuing and living my truth through support and experiences with women in a feminine space. Wild Heart Intimate Group Coaching has been for me a cocoon in which allowed me to find my wings as a woman.As for Lotus, she is the wildly authentic facilitator and creator of this juicy work we all love and learn from. She calls us on our truth with love and calls us on our BS with a reality stick I have yet to experience like any other. If you are keen to get real with your reflection, with your spirit and with who are called to be in this life as a woman. Wild Heart Intimate Group Coaching is a little place you can call home. ~ Charmaine Spicer
Tess Miller-SharpWild Heart has given me the safe space to share my thoughts and express myself with women in a way I’ve not dared to before. Lotus holds the energy with integrity and she has always got my back.~ Tess Miller-Sharp
Kylie HammondWorking with Lotus in the Wild Heart group has been amazing…,it’s a beautiful safe space where nothing is “wrong” it just is what it is and growth comes naturally in that environment. ~ Kylie Hammond