Money Love


“Money Love is the most valuable course a woman can do and pays for itself in the first week I highly recommend it to all.”

This program is about coming clean with your money and with yourself. It’s about love. Loving yourself enough to tell the truth. Loving yourself enough to earn, save and spend money in a way that serves your highest good on the planet. It’s about understanding that how you do money is an example of how you do your life. It’s about having a relationship with money that feels amazing.

A lot of women I meet and work with, hold themselves in so little value, that they live in an experience of not-enough-ness. Does this sound like you? You may not even be aware of how deeply that belief goes and infiltrates your life. This not-enough-ness is the place from which you earn, spend and save your money. There are moments or days of panic and heavy internal dialogues that are going on, even when you don’t notice.

You see, you have become so accustomed to a conversation of lack, creating more rules to control yourself, making yourself wrong, being unkind to yourself and your money, that you do not notice the impact it has on your daily experience of peace and abundance.

The Money Love Program is a life changing program. Over seven weeks { and beyond}, you will get up close and personal with your relationship with money.

I invite you to join me and other incredible women in Money Love.

I am not selling you snake oil. I am telling you straight. Prepare to do some mind bending, belief resolving, money story surgery and have phenomenal results.  let’s create spaciousness, freedom, peace, possibility, crazy abundance, autonomy and self respect. I want you to love money. I want you to love YOUR money. Respect it. Hang out with it. Take care of it. It’s yours. You earned it.

Join me in Money Love and prepare to see a major change in the way money works in your life  for your highest good.


This program is for you if…..

  • You are sick of the repetitive disempowering relationship you keep coming up against.
  • You are ready for an entirely different, conscious relationship with money and your finances.
  • You want to create a lasting sense of financial security and agency.
  • You want to have a healthy and enriching relationship with money.
  • You want more awareness about how to increase the money you earn.
  • You want to feel good about the money you spend and invest.
  • You want to be free from debt.
  • You want to have better financial confidence and increase your sense of worth.
  • ** Also if you are in a financially abusive or coercive controlling relationship or are recovering from one you can reach out and will be supported.


The benefits of joining Money Love are…

  • You will be supported in a safe and respectful space over the 7 weeks and 8 live calls we will have together.
  • I { Lotus }  am very hands on with the work and the programs are fairly intimate in nature for personal attention.
  • You can revisit the live trainings over and over again if you want to deepen your journey.
  • You will keep access to the online membership learning content for self paced learning for 6 months after our final gathering.

Details of what is included…

  • The Money Love membership site where all the content and recordings will be housed
  • A Secret facebook group for women to collectively sharing, celebrate, ask questions and receive written coaching
  • 8  weekly virtual gatherings (90 minutes +) recorded for those unable to attend live.
  • 42 daily coaching opportunity focused on your individual work throughout the program
  • 42 days of daily practices and/or coaching questions to help strengthen your relationship with yourself and with money.
  • A copy of the e-book Money Love by Meadow DeVor {I am a certified Money Coach and Money Love Facilitator and have Meadow’s blessing to use her work in my work. I am the only Money Love facilitator in Australia.


 Join myself and other women dedicated to living richly with their head, heart and money in the game.

Click below to listen to an interview with Susana Frioni on her Love, Sex, Desire Podcast

Talking Money

Q + A

Q: How much time will I need to commit to Money Love to do the work justice.
A: There are questions for you to answer each week that you can answer as simply or as in depth as you would like. To reap the full value of the program I would allow a couple of  hours throughout the week to read, journal, do your inquiry work in the forum.  You will however find that the work will infuse your thoughts as you do your own personal inquiry whilst moving through your life.

Q: Is the group on Facebook and do I have to be on Facebook in order to do the program?
A: Absolutely you will need a facebook profile to be able to access the community. You do NOT need facebook to access the private membership site and the live gatherings and recordings.

Q: What is the structure and the mechanics of the program?
A: upon sign up you will be invited into the The Money Love Collective private facebook group as well as gain access to the Private membership site with all the welcome information and course content.

Each week at the same time we will get on a live teaching/coaching call for approximately 90 minutes . This is where I will teach and answer any questions and invite live learning shares.  The workbook has 42 daily journalling questions for your personal inquiry. .

Q: Do I have to be good at maths, book keeping and/or accounting?
A:  Not at all. There is a process in one of the modules that may require a calculator and if there is anything that you are feeling stuck with you can reach out to me either in the forum or in private to support you in your new learning.  This program is about the biography and biology of your money beliefs.  This is not a program about budgets, financial spread sheets.  Many women have the belief that they are stupid and not ‘good at’ money. These are the thoughts that we will be challenging and dropping.

Q: How do I get onto the live gatherings?
A:  The live video calls will happen live on the Zoom platform and are recorded for those unable to attend.

Q: I couldn’t think of anything worse than talking about money but I know I need help.  Is there an easier way to fix my money worries and results without having to do the full program?
A: The short answer is no there is no easy way to do money work, however, it does not have to be horrible.  It can be uncomfortable as you stretch into new ways of being but it can also be fun.

The long answer is that it is more painful to stay in your money psychology and results then it is to do the work to improve your results. To really embody your new learnings and understandings, you will want to stay in the conversation all the way to the end of the program.  I encourage everyone to undertake the full body of work with a sense of deep self-care and kindness.  If you want a different relationship with yourself, your worth, your value and your money you have to be willing to invest in yourself.

Q: What is the value of talking about my money situation? It feels too far gone to be fixed?
A: The beauty of money work is that it is a gateway to deeper inquiry and self-knowledge about all areas of your life.  You will discover that the money conversation turns out to be an intimate conversation about so much more than what you may be assuming. And nothing is ever too far gone that you cannot create a very different and empowered outcome because money is a skill, it is not bad karma. You can change your results.



  Money ❤︎ Love Raves
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Wendy Phillis

I have had the privilege of working with Lotus with Money Love. It was a challenge to look at the reality of my money situation. I just have never felt at ease and flow with my money and last year I felt strangled by money. I built a new relationship with money through this program. I realised I was like under a spell with money.

The information and definitely the processes began to turn this all around for me. I loved the coaching calls to hear the compassion , love wisdom and directness of Lotus, it began to Instil in me that she was a person of Integrity, it allowed me to open up and be real and vulnerable. I asked questions and I received more than answers.

My relationship with money began to change, I actually began to build money and a love for Money. Lotus coached me on my approach to business and helped me to become clear again on my passion.

That was year year. I felt compelled to continue working with Lotus this year and she is my Coach. What a huge change she has brought to me, my life and what I do around money and my business.

I highly recommend her to you, she is magic, with a big Heart, I love her flavour, her directness and her service I feel is the most rounded I have ever received, thank you so much Lotus for being you and all the riches you bring. Deep appreciation and love.~ Wendy Phillis

Megan Koufos

Lotus has a way to getting to the core and helping you to see things in completely different light. Like a true alchemist she shines a light on your most hidden places and brings them to the surface.  Not only did her amazing Money Love program help me to see how I was showing up ( or in my case not showing up) in my business, but also in my personal relationships as a friend, mother and wife.  As a result I’ve stepped out and started doing events which are selling out, building my list of clients, deepening my marriage and connection within, creating my own oracle card deck and launching my first e-course.  This course is amazing and so much more than I could ever have expected. Thank you Lotus for sharing your divine wisdom with the world.~ Megan Koufos

Susana Frioni

Beauties, I have a hot recommendation for you all. I intend to write more about my experience with this hot recommendation in the form of a blog post, but for now, I want to share it quickly here on Facebook because it’s TOO FUCKING GOOD TO WAIT!! I’ve done a few money programs in the past and read a few books too… BUT this has by far been the most transformative experience ever. Maybe because it’s all about awareness and embodiment and making conscious choices. Or because it’s intimate (only 20 women max!) and personal meaning everyone is doing the work and you’re leveraging off the group energy. Or because the host is a MASTER when it comes to coaching, facilitating, teaching and holding space.

Either way, it’s hands down the best money program I’ve ever experienced and I want you to know about it.
The program is called MONEY LOVE. It’s a 7 week online program/experience where you let your soul inform your money and your money express your soul. The MASTER guiding and teaching you is Lotus Kruse — I cannot speak highly enough of this woman!!

If you know your relationship with money needs to be more intimate, more conscious, more loving and respectful then check out the link below for more info.

Like I said, it’s intimate. This is a group coaching program capped for 20 awesome women.~Susana Frioni

Lotus has a wealth of knowledge about all things money, the psycho9logy and the energetics behind it, debt and savings. She’s also a shaman woman taking us on  little journeys into the subconscious of our being, retrieving some clear messages. I love how dedicated she s to the participants of the program, to really support all of us and to support where each of is can grow next in all things money, value and self worth.  It is a course that every women should do every so often to bring more clarity and understanding to how we support ourselves through money. To clear out accumulated beliefs and ‘spring clean’ your relationship with money.
~ Claudine Getrude

Kate Rainer-callaghan

I am only one week into the money love programming with Lotus and already see money in a whole new way. Cant wait to see what the next few weeks of the course bring! Lotus as a facilitator is open, real honest and compassionate while at the same time not afraid to get to the point of your money issues. Highly recommend taking the dive into the program it is about money and so so much more!~Kate Rainer-Callaghan

Carly Warburton

I have noticed many changes, both major and subtle, in my life that show I have transformed my relationship with money (and will continue to do so). Lotus held a very strong, safe, fiercely compassionate container which gave me an opportunity to go deep into the stories and beliefs and thoughts I was holding around money and everything I had tied in with that. Her questions were powerful. It was an intense, eye-opening, interesting experience. I am truly grateful to have participated in this course. I feel much more empowered and hopeful about money and my future. I see this work as a key ingredient in my empowerment as a woman. ~Carly Warburton

Pia Lindgren

Rich or poor .. Don’t wait to do this course! Money Love 1 & 2 (Alchemy of Money) profoundly changed how I look at and act with money!Being a millionaire does not mean that you know about money! I was so altruistic and gave a lot away, only to hurt me in the end. After Money Love I have fire fire back in my belly and a business that is growing organically and I have no problem receiving money for doing what I love!

I am so grateful for Lotus making the course available to every one…. it is unique! She has a wisdom and an ability to help people to transform and I will guarantee you that she will have a impact on your life when you work with her. The Money Love Program is a life changing program. Don’t sign up for it, if you don’t want to change your life. If you want to have a flow in life with money, sign up now!”
~ Pia Lindgren

Lotus has captured the heart of dynamic money conversations and created a body of work that reaches beyond your purse or pocket and deeply into your soul. Money Love is not only a game change, it is a life changer. Just do it.
~ Chandu Bickford

Louise Charman-james

Lotus is an extraordinary, passionate and committed coach who will help you to get absolute clarity on your stories and limiting beliefs around money (and have a good laugh along the way).

I feel like I have come out of a fog and been given the education about money we should all have received as children. If you want to feel in control of your life and your money, this course is for you. One of the best investments you will ever make! ~Louise Charman-James

Mira Sarac

With insightful guidance by Lotus, I was able to shine the light on unserving beliefs. Beliefs, which had a stagnant and a negative impact in my day-2-day life. The course spiraled me up and had me trusting my intuition. By taking the course, one thing became clear; that I am now sitting in the driver’s seat. I no longer wonder about my purpose, what I am supposed to do, and where the money will come from. This is so freeing! I am now creating my desires! Imperfectly perfect. Real about who I am, and a clear path of where I am going. Money Love course came at the right time, and did the right thing! Lotus has an innate gift to hear and resolve your inner maze. Firm and compassionate, I cannot recommend enough as a coach! Love your money!~Mira Sarac

Ali Coleman

Money Love made me more aware of my financial self sabotage. I need not feel guilty for wanting better for myself, money is not evil – it just is. The course also made me aware that money issues are a real thing and it can affect anybody, from any walk if life, affluent to poverty line and it can go deep. A better relationship with money is a better relationship with yourself.~ Ali Coleman

Lotus’s direct, safely held, no BS, empathetic and loving guidance had me getting down and dirty with the Truth. Weeks of enquiry has led to an unravelling, as I gain new awareness and insight into my relationship to money and my experience of the world.  I had many juicy moments of realisation, some wretched, some fabulous, all empowering.

I highly recommend any woman in any financial position to invest in Money Love with Lotus as it is the undertaking of the journey to freedom.

Thank you, Lotus. You are a uniquely inspiring woman.
~ Emma

Katie Mcmurray

What do you do after talking to Child Support Agency? You hop on the weekly webinar with Lotus Kruse doing her Money Love program. This is an embodied woman offering me real process around my limiting beliefs towards money. Any woman wanting to do this work, Lotus is a fiercely loving coach whom I greatly admire, respect and learn from.~Katie

Vanessa O'brien

The investment I made into myself by making the decision to do Money Love has been one of the best decisions I have made all year. I went into Money Love with a lot of limiting beliefs and stories. One of them was that abundance isn’t sustainable. Plus I was recovering from a horrendous 2014 which unfortunately left me with a black mark against my credit history due to a bad decision. And running the belief that I would always be in debt.

I am still working on that last story/belief however can happily report that the biggest best “thing” I got out of all this is that abundance is a lot easier to have and reach everyday.

I am not rolling in money. I am still in debt. Yet my awareness about my spending and earning … it is something that is sustainable. Also that my definition of abundance has changed. ~ Vanessa O’Brien

Maria Golding

There is nothing glossy and superficial about Money Love. The content is deep and wide and potentially life-changing (when you apply it!). Lotus will hold your hand and give you the most divine permission to tell the truth about your money story as she has been there herself. Her tools for transformation are cutting-edge. With all my heart I recommend Lotus as a powerful and wise leader of feminine wisdom. She represents the wise elder with mastery of your money.
~ Maria Golding

Money Love is one of the most important and integral pieces of my journey to date. It has been challenging and liberating to start the process of being in a powerful relationship with money. The level of honesty and human-ness Lotus offers within the container is refreshing and has allowed me to get really gritty and real with met behaviour so that I can make sustainable and necessary changes. The ripple effect into all areas of my life has been phenomenal and I now feel confident that I can learn the skills I need to create the financial life I want.
~ Samantha Zsargo

Tess Miller-Sharp

It’s made me sit up and want to know about the money I have, how I feel and what I think when I earn, save and spend it. If you want to understand more about yourself and how to create abundance at every opportunity, then Money Love can help you get to grips with a whole world of possibilities. I finally found the courage to open the doors on my own business whilst on the course and had my first paying client by the fifth week of the course. ~ Tess Miller-Sharp

Mandy Harris

We are only at week 3 of the Money Love program and I can honestly say i am LOVING IT!! It’s amazing how my relationship with money has grown and how fast my cash flow has turned around. It feels so amazingly empowering. My partner said to me, “Whatever you are doing with this Money Love program, keep doing it”. The way I look at this is, you can read the book and it’s amazing or you can go for gold and do the program with Lotus and bring lasting abundance into your life. ~ Mandy Harris

Kathy Jenkins

The best thing I have done for myself in a long timer. I am learning each day to love my money and cherish it. If you want to learn how to treat your money, do yourself a favour and learn how to love your money.
~ Kathy Jenkins

Lotus is incredible and I cannot sing her praises enough. Money Love has been deeply remarkable and my relationship with money, myself, my business, my partner and all around have changed in such a positive way. I feel empowered, at peace and I am immensely grateful for what Lotus is doing for women worldwide. It is very content rich and heart rich and you won’t regret signing up and diving deep with a down to earth beautiful group of women.
~ Anna Helms

Charmaine Spicer

This course has dragged me out of my negative spiral and allowed me to now be blessed to choose my thoughts around my money situation. Lotus probes in places no one else would dare to go to get the best results from every session. The love and commitment she brings to every call, every interaction, when I waver in my conviction, encourages me to commit to myself. ~ Charmaine Spicer

Kristy Thomas

I found Money Love to be a real journey of self discovery and had some life changing experiences. I think of myself as quite a positive person and was shocked at how negative my self talk was around money. The value of the program is priceless and I am still having huge realisation about my relationship with money AND myself. I got exactly the job I wanted by week four of the program. Lotus is amazing, she so powerfully holds the space for all participants and as a coach.
~ Kristy Thomas

Emma Lambert

So happy! In one week I have doubled my income and decreased my hours doing things that I love and I am passionate about. All because I took the first step and made a decision. Love my life – so excited for what’s next. I know anything is possible. ~ Emma Lambert

I absolutely loved the Money Love program with Lotus ! Within the first call I located a major block to investing…..which I have been trying to uncover for almost 2 years. Over the next calls, and the valuable processes and inquiry- (all encouraged by Lotus), I’ve unravelled all sorts of hidden money blocks and beliefs. To feel completely different about my money within 7 weeks is beyond amazing….. but to realise that those same fears and worries about other areas of my life have also shifted…… magic.

Lotus is compassionate, respectful and dedicated to you living from your true self and your inherent power… and if you don’t know what that is, she holds the space powerfully to help you find it. – Highly recommended !
~ Leah Raposa Foley

I’m so grateful to have Lotus helping me with money. I consider myself a smart able bodied woman, who is fully capable of earning a great income, and saving and investing. But I’m not. A traumatic series of events has emotionally re-figured me to think I’m undeserving, and am used to struggling. Well now I’m breaking through those past stories, and re-defining who I am now, being more kind to myself, and renewing my abundant relationship with money. Thank you so much for teaching me that what happens in life is mainly a print out of what’s going on inside.~ Johnna Williams

Linda Runnalis

The Money Love Program has created immense turnarounds in my life. I have gone from being fearful of money, to being relaxed. I am saving more and looking forward to the new money making opportunities I am creating.  Lotus is a fantastic coach, she always gets to the heart of the matter and provides the space to fully explore anything that comes up for you around your money stories. The program is worth every cent invested and more. ~ Linda Runnalis

Kirrilee Heartman

Money Love is life changing. I first did Money Love eighteen months ago….I was a stay at home mum who struggled with the family finances….now I am working three days a week at a well paid job I love, and have a business plan in development. For the first time in my adult life, I feel I have the knowledge and skills to manage my and my family’s finances responsibly, and with future wealth in my sights. Lotus has a gift in being able to zone in on the issues deeper than simply money. Her loving but no-bullshit style has my everlasting respect – she knows what rock bottom is and has created an awesome community of women who support each other. I can’t recommend this program enough!
~ Kirrilee Heartman