Let the Adventure Begin : Money Love Doors Are Now Open

The doors to the final Money Love program are now open.

Why do graduates rave about Money Love?  Because it ignites soul realigning shifts in your fundamental worth and your bottom dollar. Participants experience a deep dive into personal financial empowerment but not in a ra-ra (!) ball-breaking hyped up unsustainable way. When you join Money Love you unleash an inquiry into a sovereign and feminine way of ‘doing money’, as well as a compassionate way to experience your worth and value. Money Love is a deeply personal exploration of your relationship with money. It is also part of a global re-shifting of the economic model of how we, as women, collectively do money.

If you have ever put yourself on a money diet { i.e. budget }, given yourself away in a way that left a bad taste, not asked for the payrise or tried to fit into tight indebted obligations, felt overwhelmed, experienced financial anxiety, shame or constriction then I invite you to come and sit in circle with your own powerful heart and with those of the other women who will journey with you.

This is not about how many dollars are in your pocket, or the size of your bank account. This exploration is about the inner dialogue that has you running the gauntlet of fear and stress and, even grief, as well as confusion and pressure. It is about abundance, but not as you have been told to experience it. This is about the abundance that sincerely rises up in your body when you engage wholeheartedly in your financial wellbeing.

It is time to explore peace, create a solid foundation and maybe even fall in love. This is my hope for you as I have seen it many times on Money Love.

Even a woman with a beautiful money relationship can gain deeper layers of inquiry, truth-telling and clarity.

This program will improve your bottom line if you stay and do the work.

I have been facilitating this program for over 7 years with over 800 women participating in this game-changing journey. Many women resit Money Love to dive deeper into their learnings. This is your last chance to join Money Love in 2019 and at this price. Please do yourself a favour and don’t put your money work off another day. It could be the best investment you make in yourself.

Between now and midnight AEST Sunday 28th you can join Money Love for $97.
Then it goes away for at least 6 months or longer.

Graduates of Money Love can revisit for $45.

We start on Tuesday 30th July for seven weeks together / eight live online gatherings together that are all recorded so you can join from anywhere in the world.

Women from as far away as Alaska, Ireland, New Zealand, Europe, Costa Rica as well as all over Australia have participated in this program because it is a universal conversation that women need to be having more of.

I hope to see you this Money Love program. {JOIN HERE}  ❥ Love Lotus

P.S. If you are wanting to join the Alchemy of Money year long tribe coming back in September 2019, you will need to be a graduate of either this, or an earlier, Money Love program. Find out more about Alchemy of Money

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