::   I’ve been called a firecracker, a sage, master alchemist, kick-ass and an inspiration. I’ve also been called intense, loud and called names. Either way, what I do know is that I am a: teacher, mentor, catalyst, mother, woman with a wild heart.   ::

Some days I feel like a supernova karate chopping dynamo, some days a spiritual minx and other days I feel likFeet Indiae the taxi mum circus leader of a gang of three. Whatever I feel, I know that this life is all mine for the making and for the creating. This life of mine has a gypsy soul, with ankle bells on bare feet, arms full of bangles and some rock chick sequins and recently I shaved all my hair off.

My life has been a ride and a half, just like yours I imagine. It has felt like a big dipper and a smooth sail boat.  I have had babies born and died, I’ve been married and divorced, annihilated and resurrected through the ashes of the hate mail and court system. I’ve been deeply in love and deeply heartbroken, stretched beyond what I thought I was capable of and, through it all, I have been an explorer of my own soulscape and what it means to be truely truely sovereign in the world as a powerful woman. It has all been a big melting pot of love, musings, fuck ups and wanderlusting.

I have been a serious student of: spirituality, transpersonal journeying and feminine eve-olution for most of my life. My first remembrance was reading the Bhagavah Gita at age 12. By age 17, amidst teenage confusion and being raped,  it was onwards and downwards excavating the underworld of women’s work, desire based living, longing and belonging, dream building, shadow walking and truth telling, both main street and off the beaten path.  I’m still walking, shoes worn out and thrown away, pretty feet some days tired, worn out trudging, other days dancing but always travelling an embodied and more and more embodied experience.

I started my first business at age 24 called Soul Sister.  I worked with young women using my trainings in Breathwork, Time Line Therapy, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and  Dramatherapy.  We would unpack trauma, clear abortions and toxic relationships, reclaim wholeness and sit in the seat of our souls longing to have a voice, feel met, create connection, let in compassion and be set free.

Presenting Black and WhiteI have worked with some big brand companies in the personal development and wealth creation industry over the years as a coach, trainer, presenter; supporting people to change the trajectory of their lives. As much as I loved this work for a time and see it’s validity, the sand in my shell called me to tell a deeper truth.  I watched women struggling to create their life from a rational, linear, pre-mapped out way. A cookie cutter way.  A masculine centric way. It was time that I came clean and became congruent. It was time I started teaching and coaching women from intuition, from the principals of Embodied Alchemy, Womb Wisdom and a compassionate feminine centric orientation.

Now I spend my days supporting women over cups of tea in cafes, over Zoom with chocolate, over phone lines that drop out, in webinars and in workshops. I listen over tears and heart pains that feel unbearable. I hear women whose dreams feel up in smoke, marriages crumbling, baby on the boob and Uni papers due. I converse about permission and letting go and invoke truth telling, veil lifting, taboo dropping, courageous conversations, fresh thoughts that free and enable expansion and creativity. I download wisdom that comes through me, shake the tree of personal taboos that trap women, jam about sex, women’s rights, intuitive leadership, loving money and claiming what you want.  I want to leaving behind a wake of intention for my loved ones to live with their hearts in the world also and I want that for every one I the honour to work with and meet along the yellow brick road.

I also teach Embodied Alchemy and train women to become Transpersonal Coaches using the same Embodied Alchemy technology I use in my work. I facilitate Women’s Circles, Money Circles and year end and year long women’s communities.

I am an advocate for women living their own version of life
I am a catalyst for women reclaiming their authentic power, real, raw and unstoppable
I am a provocateur for having taboo conversations
I am a teacher of financial sovereignty and intuitive leadership
I am a sherpa through the landmine of separation, divorce and beyond leading women
to the heights where the view is spectacular
I am a permission giver if you ever needed one {which you don’t} to question everything, start from scratch and stop believing every little story that you were hypnotised by
I am the one who holds space and has your back whilst you transition into the woman you are creating.


For those who want to know how I think I can get away with doing what I do, here is an experience-ography of some of the amazing people and experiences I have had the privilege to train, workshop, coach, work with, for and in. See if you can spot anyone you may know in there.

Speaking Truthfully  : Robert Rabbin – part guru, part smart ass and all heart
Certified Money Coach : Meadow Devor
Certified Sacred Money Archetypes : Kendall Summerhawk
Certified Money Coach :  Money Coach Institute with Deborah Price
Barbra Stanny, Bari Tesler, Lyn Twist, Carrie Friedberg, Trauma of Money
Cert 4 : Life Coaching for Success
Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling: Ikon Institute
Certified Professional Rebirther : Micheal Adamedes + Denise Burgess

Feminine Embodiment Arts, Art Therapy, Drama Therapy, David Dieda Trainings, Rudolf Steiner Primary School Teacher and Steiner Early Childhood Teacher, International School of Colour and Design in Interior Styling, Personal Organising, Dip. in Rebirthing, Timeline Therapy and Past life regression,  Dip. in Nutrition, Cynthia Connop, Rachel Jayne Groover, Tigress Yoga, Devashi Shakti, Laura Hollick, Sandy Forster, Christy Whitman,  Dancing Eros, Caroline Myss, Tigress Yoga, Lisa-Jane Egan, Denise Love, Jonine Lee, Robert Meredith, Gai Roper, Geoff Kabaelo, Don Tolman, John Burley, Robert Kyosaki, Loral Langermeier, Marie Forleo, Fabienne Frederikson, Ruby May, Roxana Minnona, Natalie Sisson, Natalie McNeil, Jeanette LeBlanc, Joshua Fields Millburn, Shaune Clarke,  Sondra Ray, Stanislav Grof, HeatherAsh Amara, Robert Fritz, Scott Washington, William Whitecloud and many many more.

:: And then there is LIFE,  my greatest playing field and spiritual practise full of juice, contrast and magic ::

Love Lotus Rain Wind

Lotus Door