Single Mothers + Money

Single Mothers + Money has been developed because I wish someone had created this program for me back in the day when I left my marriage. I had-no-idea what a minefield and mind field it would be. One of the first things I did was get myself a money coach. What a game changer. I want so much for other women to have the support I needed and created for myself through a lot of hard work, trials and tribulations.

I also am yet to meet a woman who has become a single mother who hasn’t worked her arse off to make that work. For better or worse single mothers need to stretch, develop and evolve rapidly. Money confidence, capacity and skills are the parts of the single mother equation that women possibly need to develop the most rapidly and yet typically avoid the most vigorously. It’s a thing, for lots of reasons we can explore in the program, but it is a thing.


  • Have experienced the gauntlet of separation, divorce, property settlement, child care agreements, navigating co-parenting and the whole money part of that journey.
  • Jumped through the hoops of social welfare.
  • Have been or still are in a financially abusive co-parenting dynamic. Trick is that often women do not even know they are.
  • Have or continue to struggle with feeling financially powerless in this landscape.
  • Have money anxiety compounded by your situation as a single mother. You could even be suffering complex trauma.
  • Are feeling like you are pretty good now and have got your money shit sorted, you may possibly find shrapnel from the fall out that still scratches at your psychology keeping you feeling internally contracted {god knows I have}.
  • Desire to feel safe, secure and powerful in your money boundaries and agreements.
  • Want to step out of brain fog when it comes to your money and get your financial admin in order.
  • Want to get out of debt, start a savings account.
  • Want a safe container to compassionately and proactively talk about what is going on so you don’t feel so alone in it: an opportunity to talk openly in a safe space, ask questions and get practical, honest support.
  • This program could also be for you if you are considering leaving your relationship.
    Think of it as a pre-natal class for women wanting to leave.
    This is one of the programs I wish I had undertaken before I left my marriage. It would have saved me so much heartache and stress and thousands and thousands of dollars.

You’d be surprised what outdated and harmful beliefs, agreements and structures women are operating within and normalising, some losing or costing them thousands upon thousands of dollars as well as impacting their mental health.

I’ll warn you now though. Single Mothers + Money  is not a magic pill.  It is not a one-stop-shop that guarantees a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If anyone convinces you they have that magic pill, run the other way.

It is also not a mosh pit where we collude with our smallness, our blame stories, our reluctance to get up off the floor and dust ourselves off. You can’t stay there.

What this program offers you is an opportunity to explore the landscape of your money relationship whilst incorporating the very specific money conversation of being a single mother because it does have it’s own unique set of inquiries.

I will be your intrepid leader for this body of inquiry. My qualifications are many and varied and that is all very lovely for anyone wanting to know that I have the credentials {I do!} but the biggest qualification I can offer you in this special program is this….

I have walked the path, done the work and taken every piece of lead and turned it to gold.  I am intimately and innately qualified to talk all things about being a mother, a single mother and the unique interface with money that comes with the territory.

I have been facilitating Money Love and the graduate program I developed, Alchemy of Money, for nine years now and I am accessible, real and engaged.  I know the power of this work to support you to feel better, experience clarity and generate a more powerful relationship with your money both now and for the future you are wanting to generate for you and your children.

So if you are a single mother, a solo mother, or a re-partnered mother, this program could be for you.

Week One
Warming up your relationship with money and easing into the conversation
+ Gathering

Week Two
Preparing for the Truth
+ Gathering

Plus+ Bonus Gathering 

Week Three 
Opening Your Eyes
+ Gathering

Week Four 
The Truth About How You Spend
+ Gathering

Plus+ Bonus Gathering

Week Five 
The Truth About How You Earn
+ Gathering

Week Six
Recovering From The Truth
+ Gathering

Plus+ Bonus Gathering

Week Seven 
Practicing The Truth
+ Gathering

Week Eight 
Final Gathering


  • From the time you join up you will find there is plenty of content in the program for you to dive into and explore.
  • We will set you up in the private Facebook group where we can share, explore, do our work together, learn, support and champion you and the other gorgeous women in this program.
  • Our first gathering together will be on Tuesday 28th September at 10.30am AEST {Australian Eastern Standard Time}. Our second and further gatherings will be at 10.30am Daylight Savings Time so your time zone might possibly change for gatherings. There will be eight of these weekly Tuesday gatherings.
  • All gatherings are held on Zoom {with or without your video on: it’s up to you}. Gatherings are for 90 minutes but I’ll be honest, I am infamous for going longer with all the conversations and coaching we have to get through so……. If you can, please give yourself up to 2 hours just incase.
  • You can join the program, even if you are unable to attend any or all the live gatherings because the calls are recorded and made available in the program membership site {Kajabi}. There is a whole lot of opportunity to connect, engage and do any coaching with me in the private group during the program.

We are going to have three x 2 hour open coaching sessions at various times during the program.  So even if you can’t make it to the live gatherings you may be able to make it to these bonus gatherings. This is to provide some extra time to explore, coach and expand because we all know if you are a single mother then we have a whole lot to talk about.

  • You will have access to all the content in this program for a period of 6 months from the time of our last gathering, giving you plenty of time to work through the content, tools and inquiries over and over again to embody the work.

  • You can resit any future Money Love Programs at a nominal resit price.


Our next program is coming up May 2024
Sign up to the mail list to be notified. Enrolments will be open mid April 2024

” Lotus understands the issues facing single mothers from the inside out. Her style is honest and light hearted yet deeply acknowledging. She holds a container where deep honesty sits with self compassion, and this in turn facilitates greater self responsibility and increased capacity to shift. The strength that Lotus embodies ignites the strength in all who she supports. Highly recommend her programs” ~Kirrilee

” Lotuses direct, safely held, no BS, empathetic and loving guidance had me getting down and dirty with the Truth. Weeks of enquiry has led to an unravelling, as I gain new awareness and insight into my relationship to money and my experience of the world.
I had many juicy moments of realisation, some wretched, some fabulous, all empowering.
I highly recommend any woman in any financial position to invest in Money Love with Lotus as it is the undertaking of the journey to freedom.
Thank you, Lotus. You are a uniquely inspiring woman.” ~ Emma


“I never in my wildest dreams thought that doing a money course could be so fun. Lotus has an amazing ability to see through each story that we hold onto around money and bring it to the surface in a very direct but also nurturing way. The group space that she holds in Money Love is very supportive and nourishing for the soul of women. Thank you Lotus!!” ~ Aurora