2021 VISION is now closed.

You are invited to Vision –  a month long inquiry
creating your wildly enriching vision for

VISION…… We all need one.  Well maybe we don’t need one but I have experienced in my life, and seen in the lives of many around me, that having a vision of what you want to create and to experience and then going about the work of creating it makes for a far more juicy, enriched and satisfying life.

The last nearly 2 years have been a bit of a shit fight on so many levels, throwing so much of what we relied on for our certainty to the wind {or the dogs}.  We have lived through a surreal time. One that no one planned for or had in their vision and yet here we are, some weary, exhausted and completely disoriented, others more robust and rested after being forced to pause. For many the level of lack of control has been beyond disconcerting or disruptive, it has been traumatising. This journey is the context within which we set our sights on the year to come.

And yet amidst all that has gone before there is still always an opportunity to continue to explore what you want, take action on what you want and be willing to risk the possibility of not attaining it in the journey of taking a stand for the having it.

Feminine intuition and non-linear practice help you to tell the truth of your heart’s true desires, wanting and longings to create for yourself; your desires and wants are uniquely personal and they are important.  From the way you want to feel in your body, the quality of your relationships, taking time out and away, all the way through to buying a home, building an empire business, having children or going back to school.  What you desire can be simple, simplifying or full of adventure and stretching yourself.  There is so much to want when we live in alignment with our heart and souls desire for evolution ❥

In my 10 years as a coach, mentor and teacher I have discovered a few things about women and wanting:

    • women don’t let themselves want
    • when they do they usually moderate, compromise or shrink their want
    • women tend to only let themselves want what they think others will approve of or give permission for them to have
    • women put the power of their lives in the external world and not in their own desires
    • most women live a compromised life and never really choose for themselves what would light them up
    • wanting and claiming your desire is a skill that can be practiced, expanded upon and can change the whole way you live life
    • there is no end to wanting
    • and then there is the art of choosing and the craft of implementation

I am going to share some Embodied Alchemy practices and premises
for you to craft your 2022 Vision and start to embody it.

Over a month { six weeks actually } we are going to journey through a process of completion of the past year or more and step into a vision for the next year and beyond.

This Vision Project will include and incorporate processes, inquiries and rituals that you may have used before or maybe have never heard of. And we will do it in the feminine container of a community with live gatherings and sharing.

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❥ Four fortnightly 90 minute online Zoom gatherings exploring different themes of inquiry, meditations and practices as well as time to share.

☾ Wednesday 10th November / Wednesday 24th November / Wednesday 8th December and Summer Solstice Tuesday 21st December.

✸ You can either join the morning cohort or the evening cohort with the same inquiry and exploration but obviously different sharing. All times are in Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time { AEDT }

10am – 11.30am NSW / VIC {AEDT}
9am – 10.30am QLD
7am – 8.30am Perth
12pm – 1.30pm Auckland NZ
3pm – 4.30pm { the day before } Los Angeles
6pm – 7.30pm { the day before } New York


7pm – 8.30pm NSW / VIC {AEDT}
6pm – 7.30pm QLD
3pm – 4:30pm Perth
9pm – 10:30pm Auckland NZ
8am – 9.30am London UK

✥ All gatherings will be recorded for those unable to attend and be stored in the Kajabi membership site for viewing through to the end of January 2022.

✥ There will be generative questions for creative journaling, ritual, poetry, multi-media inquiry, and other creative exercise as an invitation to use throughout the project.

✥ I will be leading you through some simple yet powerful Embodied Alchemy processes to help you feel clear, upgraded to the present, ready to brew your vision and give it space to roam and create clarity and direction on what you are choosing.

✥ There is also a private pop up Facebook group for sharing and event reminders for the duration of the Vision Project through till the end of January 2022.

✥ There will also be some impromptu activation journaling and imagineering gatherings through the final few weeks.

✥ By the end of our time together I want you to have so much clarity, embodied spaciousness and a clear and desire drenched map of what you are creating next year with some actions to kick start you off.


Join $49