Alchemy of Money

It has been 2 years since I facilitated Alchemy of Money {formally known as Money Love 2}. the past while has been full of other priorities including studying Transpersonal counseling as well as training in other amazing modalities that I am fusing with Money work. If you have been waiting to continue your money love evolution, I am happy to say AoM is coming back in February 2019. This program has evolved as I have grown and developed in my own Money work training and implementation so instead of pulling the old one out of mothballs  I am creating AoM brand new especially for this up and coming program.

Alchemy of Money is the next level program open to only a select number of graduates of the Money Love Program.

During the Alchemy of Money program, you will explore, inquire, learn, design, implement……

  • Interface with Money as a Boat Woman.
  • Explore the nine domains of money.
  • Practical Money Steward rituals and behaviours.
  • learning the feminine economy model. 
  • Set up Managing Systems that work in harmony with you.
  • Learn about money dynamics in intimate relationships, family of origin and children.
  • Money and the feminine nervous system.  
  • Recovering from financial abuse. financial infidelity and recognise financial trauma
  • Personal money consent agreements.
  • Values / Needs / Desires 
  • Advanced Money Love inquiry questions, actions, rituals and projects.
  • Learn about money investment and protection structure
  • Guest interviews
  • 12 weeks, 13 live zoom gatherings.  
  • recommended resources for financial literacy and education
  • Secret Facebook forum for written coaching and Q +A

Alchemy for Money is tailored to be universal in many of its learnings and applications whilst some practical applications are oriented to the Australian money protection and investment structures. The course is designed to meet the needs of the women participating.

2019 Alchemy of Money Commences
February 26th 2019  ~ Tues 21st May 2019
12 weeks with 13 live calls every week Tuesdays 10.00am – 11.30am  AEDT/AEST
for Money Love Graduates only : contact



Raves of Love

Rich or poor .. Don’t wait to do this course! Money Love 1 & 2 (Alchemy of Money) profoundly changed how I look at and act with money!

Being a millionaire does not mean that you know about money! I was so altruistic and gave a lot away, only to hurt me in the end. After Money Love, I have a fire back in my belly and a business that is growing organically and I have no problem receiving money for doing what I love!

I am so grateful for Lotus making the course available to every one…. it is unique! She has a wisdom and an ability to help people to transform and I will guarantee you that she will have an impact on your life when you work with her. The Money Love Program is a life-changing program. Don’t sign up for it, if you don’t want to change your life. If you want to have a flow in life with money, sign up now!” ~ Pia Lindgren


Kate Rainer-callaghan


Lotus fiercely loves and challenges you and has an extraordinary gift in creatively and intuitively holding space for the group. ~ Kate Rainer Callaghan.



I worked with Lotus in her Money Love and Alchemy of Money courses and it’s not only been a pleasure working with such an inspiring coach but also a huge game changer when it comes to my relationship with money and myself. Forever grateful for the experience! ~ Beatrice Dahler

Charmaine SpicerHighly recommend this… Dive in ladies.. Buckle your soul belts and go for it.” ~ Charmaine Spicer

I’ve worked with Lotus in her Money Love programs and in Alchemy of Money Program.  I’ve also done some private money coaching with her as well. It has changed me and put me on a positive loving path with my relationship to money.
Thank you for your gift Lotus. I wanted to also mention that it I’m a single (never married) childless (by choice) woman .. thus what Lotus offers is for EVERY woman ~ Vanessa O’Brien