Incantation to Shakti


I call on all the incarnations of Shakti today and every day
to bring us back to completeness.

May She part the mists of illusion and separation to reveal hearts, brothers, sisters all.
May She call us back to Womb to birth Her vision
for the world into manifested glory.

May She hold fast to this vision even when the branch bends and breaks.
May Her birth howls and groans vibrate through the core of everything
for everything was once crowned.

May She call the compassion from inside out into the streets and the hearts
of those whom are hurting and hurt.
May She and Her shape shifts carve Her way through
all that needs to fall away.

May She bring us to ground over and over again until we remember each other and see each other.
May She wield Her sword and be done with that which needs to be done with.

May we know She will nourish those who are hungry,
shelter those who are homeless, protect those who seek protection.
May we know that all of Gaia is Her and She can not be raped,
she will always flourish.

May we know Her sound, Her rumble and Her ways and
may you know She means business and She will prevail.
Love is the beginning, middle and end of it.

Shakti’s feminine heart birthed it that way.
May we call on all the incarnations of Shakti today and everyday
to bring us back to completeness.

Om Shanti

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