For when You Feel Nothing

Women know that socially we are under threat just by walking in the park or the extra stretch of beach. Single mothers can have a very specific threat and lack of safety against themselves and against thier children. Often they are in hostile terrain and they are marginalised because of the implicit bias of society and wealth distribution.
It is always my foundation stone in my work to create safe spaces within which we can do our work. Women need to feel themselves, their story, their experience and that can only happen when there is safety.
❥ S A F E T Y . I S . E S S E N T I A L .
“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health;
​safe connections are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.”
​“As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself…The critical issue is allowing yourself to know what you know. That takes an enormous amount of courage.”
~ Bessel van der Kolk
Much Love ❥ Lotus


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