When women are in the throws of dissolving a relationship she is in the nigredo of herself. She is disintegrating as is the way of the alchemy of this process.

Today I have spent the day non stop working with women in the depths of this disintegration, sifting through the remains as well as setting light to places within her that no longer serve the next iteration of her souls journey.

I know this path she walks intimately and I walk with her side by side championing her individuation process, discovering parts of herself that lie doormat like sleeping beauty in wait. But it is not the love of a good man she was asleep in wait for, nor is it her inner masculine she wants to be touched by. It is her own cauldron of primal roar reverberating in the corridors of her psyche that she has been waiting for with a will force that can blow out windows in it’s wake.

I can quite literally see the transformation taking place before my eyes. It is such a deep privilege to be let in and trusted to walk along side her for this phoenix like journey. It can also be intense in the level of focus and burning away that is taking place.

Today was a profoundly powerful day working in a 3 hour group and then with 2 other women privately on the predominately psychological inquiry of desire led justice and equity emotionally, financially and every other which way. This work carries extra balast. It is light work but never lightweight work.

When a woman rebirths herself, she become entirely new and that makes her hard to control, manipulate and undermine, because you will never have met her in the way she is now. Her freedom, over time becomes it’s own radical activisim. It is a sublimly beautiful transformation to witness.


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