There is one extreme of this spectrum. The Ascetic, with their abstenance of sensual pleasure, frugality, hours of stillness, their simple food with no spice, observing the world to get to know it, walking and breathing slow and connected, always noticing……… and then they sleep with their students and disciples or steal the money. Disowned turn on coming out. finding turn on in places that one ‘should not’ want to get turn on from.

TABOO….. desire in the shadow.
So I told my man {reminded him really} that I decided to put my drama in to my intimate/sex life and that it works for me. That I love the wild ride of allowing drama to be played out in that arena. It heightens polarity. It gets me into my messy feminine challenging his masculine to show up, wake up, step up. Looking for something to be met by, push against. I do not want a neutralised experience. He gets his turn on and drama by climbing dangerous mountains and putting himself in precarious situations in nature that bring him alive.
Exploring TABOOS is so important if you want to expand. Looking at your disowned, shamed, judged parts and telling the truth. It is a continuum. It is an unending inquiry. Our work is never done. But fuck it is so good to tell the truth and own what you want and how you turn yourself on to life.
From my dark heart to yours,


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