I want to shake you
I want to hold you.
My heart cracks to full
I have been where you are
It does no good
it steals your dreams
it puts a cog in your wheel
I want to say, sing, shout and whisper to you to stop.

stop the lying to yourself and blaming others
– you hand them the keys to your car, your home and your beautiful life when you do that.

stop blaming yours
– you turn yourself into your own enemy with a riot shield and tear gas when you do that.

stop punishing yourself for any-one-tiny-thing you ever did or thought you did or thought you should have done or undone but didn’t
– that keeps you a ghost to your life and your deep heart.

stop hating yourself for not being who you thought you should have been or what others thought you should be or what you assume you think others think you should be
– it is a mind fuck that can never do any good to anyone.

stop the excuses as to why you spend your precious time on everything else but your desires.
stop the slow grind of pushing and forcing to get the tick and the gold star, there is no tick or gold star – the teachers lied.




one crumb at a time
with an eye dropper
toes in, hands in, heart in, head in
drown in it
spread it like honey
let it be the hair all tousled and freshly fucked.
take that dollar that you want to give the pusher for another high
and stick it in your bra
throw the genie of public opinion back into the bottle and the sea
love like you love your child
love like you love your lover
love like your life depended on it….. because it does my love, it does.
crawl yourself with bruised knees to your own inner alter and sit down and sit down and sit down my love and just fucking stay there.
there is no where else to be

Stop and Love

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