Feminism, Motherhood and Entrepreneurship: an Interview with Tara Darlington from Empowered Women’s Network


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Tara Darlington from Women’s Network Radio interviewed me about what it is to be a working mother and a feminist and why love the work I do.

Do you sometimes feel like your walking to the beat of someone else’s drum? How would it feel to unleash yourself, to remove the ceilings, the floors, the proverbial lid on your life and live in passion and heartfelt joy with everything that you do? Lotus Kruse works with women to help them connect with their true self in it’s naturally ‘wild’ form and helps them to shift and shape with life – to flow with life – in the feminine way. With feminism of the 70’s ‘clearing the slate’ so that we have a more equal playing ground we have been able to restart the conversation about what it means to be a woman and to reconnect with our true self as a mother, as a wife/partner, and as a woman. Join us in this most exciting conversation about working with your feminine energy to create abundance and joy in your business, your family, your sex life and most importantly yourself – and to live a Wildly Desirable Life. – Tara Darlington from Empowering Motherhood radio program



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