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Hello Luscious Money Lovers,

I want to invite you to become a Money Love affiliate. What is that?  Well read on and if you still have questions please contact me. I am happy to support.


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  • All you need to do is click on the big pink button below to sign UP to become an affiliate.
  • You will then be sent an email confirming and inviting you to sign IN to your affiliate dashboard.
  • In your dashboard you will see the link for Money Love.
  • This link is what you send out to your women folk or use to embed into your website, blog, emails, Facebook etc
  • Any women who signs up to Money Love through your link will show up on your affiliate dashboard and you will be able to track how many women have signed up under your link.
  • There is no cap on how many women you can sign up but the program is for up to 40 women only at a time.
  • Once Money Love closes for new enrolments, I will send out affiliate payments to you into your pay pal account or bank account.

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  • You will receive 15% of all sign ups through your affiliate link.
  • $396 full price = $59.40 paid to you
  • $297 concession  = $44.55 paid to you
  • $198 helping hand = $29.70 paid to you
  • This affiliate money will be paid to you upon close of enrolments for Money Love.
  • So as an example if you have two friends who sign up at full price you will receive $118.80
  • If you promote it on your website and 5 women sign up at full price you will receive  $297.00
  • If you promote it to your mail list and 10women sign up at full price you will receive $594.00


I have a vision to support over 100 plus in women in 2018 to be financially empowered  because I see it as such an important corner stone to women’s sovereignty and freedom.  How you can support this vision is by sharing the word far and  wide and tell all your women friends, peers, colleagues, community and Facebook friends or share in Facebook groups.

To get the word out about Money Love I could pay for Facebook sponsorship adds
I could put my Money Love practice in action by investing my money where it feels most abundant. That would be as way of thanking you with some yummy moolla for speaking from your heart and your experience to women you know Money Love can help. I also love the feeling of women supporting women supporting women. The sacred feminine trine.

If you want to ask me anything please ask away

Love Lotus



Here is some copy you can use for quick shout outs:

ABUNDANCE is an inside Job.
Money Love is a 6 week program journeying to the very heart of your money story, your net worth and your self worth.


This course will change your life if you let it


This program is about coming clean with your money and with yourself. It’s about love. Loving yourself enough to tell the truth. Loving yourself enough to earn, save and spend money in a way that serves your highest good on the planet. It’s about understanding that how you do money is an example of how you do your life. It’s about having a relationship with money that feels amazing.

Or you can write of your own experience with Money Love { this is always the most powerful conversation }

Or you can copy and paste any of the information from the Money Love page on this {my} website.

These banners are for you to use to embed your affiliate link behind on your webpage, in mail outs or other places where they would be helpful.  If you need different sizing for your website please let me know. The banners with the dates changed over to have the current Money Loves date on them. You can also just send the link out to your girlfriends in Facebook message or emails without the pictures.  All the details of the course are available to them inside the affiliate link.

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