Napoleon Hill Did Not Have a Female Brain ~ Fuck Goal Setting

Fuck Goal SettingI just got off a call with a very influential woman in the world of women’s healing. She and I both agreed that the Napoleon Hill way of doing things, in all it’s linear, male brain ways, is not the most successful nor nourishing path for women.

But Napoleon Hill is the father of much of modern day self help you cry…….. that is concerning as I question it’s help and not it’s hindrance to the tolerance, acceptance and encouragement of there being a completely other way of arriving, not even at the same end result, but a completely different orientation of how one could live. Intuitively, slowly, organically, connected, plug in, sustainable. There is more ‘self help’ in the idea of this latter vision then all the self help books every written. If I was to write a book it would most likely be one line long.

” Tell a deeper truth, follow your own rhythm” ~ Lotus Kruse

I have experienced and worked with women in the traditional goal setting type of ‘self help’ and I experienced for myself and saw in other women stress, overwhelm, self confidence decrease, self worth plummet through the floor as everything was based on the external object of big hairy ordatious goals being the nourishment. It pulls women up and into trying to use their minds in a way that is not natural to themselves.

Much of the time I did not feel the woman’s heart in any of the goals she set for herself. She was following this linear formula because she was guaranteed to find some type of nirvana in its implementation. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was and still is painful to watch women wanting to squeeze themselves into this way of using their brains when their brains are not even wired that way. One of the obvious side affects or should I say direct affects of this over vigilant amygdala is a disruption or continued disturbance of the connection between her and her mate. Polarity left the relationship and that is a killer.

For many of the women they wanted to talk about their relationship with their lover, husband, partner and their relationship with their parents far more than talking about building a business or setting a big goal because if the goal was not built on a foundation of quality relationships, then the goal was built on a house of sand.

For many women this reflected in their sexuality and their intimate sexual relationships. These became fractured or forced as if a good sex life was another goal to put on the list and to take ‘massive action’ towards. And yet women need to drop out of their heads in order to experience and create true sexual connection.

Now I work with women like I move through my own life and the growing depth of their home-ness is intoxicating. Just to catch a glimpse of their own glory is enough for a woman to catch breath and become completely terrified. Because, well because it is more powerful than they were ever lead to believe was their capacity, let alone their birthright. Goals are not a desire for women when they arrive at this place. Only expression, experience and expansion and everything is an extension of that.

Women are intuitive, gut centric, womb centric. Dare I say that women think with the expanded mind of their womb or at least at their most powerful they would be moved from their womb.

It is time to get off the roller coaster women. Tread the unworn path back to your feminine ways, listen to your hormones, listen to your biology, take shamanic journeys to the centre of your hips. Give up on moving in the world in ways that are not yours. Follow your own rhythm.
Om Shanti

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ”
Maya Angelou

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