One Truth



To tell the truth,
your truth,
in any one moment,
without self censoring or moderation;
but to just tell the truth,
your truth,
if only to yourself
and then to act from that place,
You will be electrocuted

To speak the truth
your one truth
that has been waiting on your tongue
for all this time
and the truth that follows that one
and the next truth after that and after that
You will break the sound barrier

To live your truth
the truth of who your are right now and no other
to live the truth
that is meant to be lived
that wants to save your life
from the bottom of the depth
from the centre of the middle
You will find yourself in the wilderness

And following the fire trail unseen by any
where the bread crumbs once were
a map of invisible ink
sown in the hem with no seams
and passing by the black crows pecking
at the carcass of who you once were
You will become that wild creature
You will unbridle your nature
You will be stripped bare
an Electric Sonic Boom

-Lotus Indigo Shakti



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