a mouse in a lions suit
unzipped, found out
the roar of a whisper
a pixie girl with a bed of hair

drop down into the under shrubs
it feels too bright to reach out
heartbeat loud in my ears
alone in the quiet that cannot be touched

unfurl me once more
padma of the river mud
be received, leave it be
don’t dial it down
don’t click that latch

be seen from the periphery
be caught in their mirror
in a glimpse and the vapour
like pressed flowers in a book, the colour fades

a cauldron; I was called
brimming fire
full ingredients to be found out
a witches healing h-art

White and black keys on the piano
out of tune in that sweet way
only tinkering over time
will bring about

tattoos not yet skinned in invisible ink
the angel with dark wings
the slut in the pretty dress
the mouse in the lions suit

– Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse

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