Sweet Like an Orange


It was just a little smile
that grew from the corner of her mouth
like a flower uncurling to the morning sun
she was sweet like an orange with her red hair
with curls and wisps of strands around her moon shaped eyes
and when she cried her hand would cover the tears
she wanted to seem tough at the tender age of two
like nothing really affected her.

She twirled and twirled in her turquoise tutu
I bought for her for no reason
but every girl should own at least one in her small years
so she twirled and giggled delighted at her sparkling prize
her ringlets bouncing and her fair skin dancing
around the house and around the garden

Makeup and nose rings with long locks cut short
young years in the trenches of school books and girlfriend fights.
With songs on her tongue that sounded like deep silk
growing knowings of one from a broken family
with disappointment and safe hands
Phone calls full of silent secrets never spoken
like a runaway bride neither belonging or belonged

All grown up with so much more to unfold
a bud in full ready for the blooming
sweet princess preparing for the long road
to grow herself all up to her throne
the unmapped journey spread out for the taking
With a twinkle in her eyes and a pocket full of passion
A life beautifully here and yet a a minute on this earth
so much yet to come

– Lotus Indigo Shakti



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