The Old ‘if She Was My Daughter’ Nutshell

THE OLD ‘If she was my daughter’ NUTSHELL


I am not at all shocked this rape as occurred within the parliament building. I am sure it is not the only time a woman has been raped on the property of the parliamentary buildings, within the party, within the systems of government and within this extraordinarly closed men’s locker room that is called the Australian Government.

Misogyny is hard wired into the very fabric of Australian politics and as the leader of his own party, I cannot believe ScoMo is not aware of this type of toxic environment that he continues to encourage through his moral complicity of tolerance and wilful ignorance.

The only reason that anything might actually happen to create an alternative body for reporting and safety is because they have been found with their hand in the cookie jar in the past 2 days.

That ScoMo is confused and unable to see how his comments about feeling empathy for Brittany Higgins because he is a father, is offensive and marginalising, really shows how much he is part of the problem and as the leader of his own party, he is responsible for the culture that breeds and perpetuates this misogyny.

This Four Corners investigative journalism documentary linked below was released on 9th November 2020. 3 months ago.

It is interesting in this documentary how the women who are interviewed speak about the power dynamic of inbuilt misogyny, coercive control, domination, entrapment, fear of financial loss and career suicide if these people in power are called out for their behaviours, attitudes, turning a blind eye and enablement.

The men in the documentary talk about the ‘Canberra bubble’ behaviour in relation to how it impacts the image of the party and the ‘good standing’ of the politician. They speak about it in turns of, what goes on privately is no ones business, just don’t get caught……………

It is rife in Canberra, as it is throughout all industries, that a persons ‘private life’ should remain private, even when they are a public servant and even when their position affords them privilege and power over others in their public office and staff. Take Barnaby Joyce as a case in point.

That they cannot see that it is straight up power over and power being used for their own benefit and not for the benefit of the wellbeing of their staff, their constituents, their community. This blindness is a choice.

They choose to perpetuate ignorance because if they did truely care about the wellbeing and have genuine respect for women and others in their employ and who work in the culture that is politics and other industries, then they would strive to be educated, incorporate a zero tolerance policy around all abuses of power and have already set up an independent reporting body with a guarantee of job security incorporated.

We need more women in politics they say, and we do, and yet the culture breeds abuse. So what ScoMo says to the camera’s with his complete and utter ignorance and enabling and what actions are taking place of camera are entirely two worlds. And ScoMo distances himself be blaming others, all enablers, all bad actors in an entirely woman hating and power wielding structure.

He should not need a fucking sit down chat with his wife to have a moral compass and to see that men in parliament and in the corridors of power, hate women, including him.

** and on a little skip down history lane, in the four corners documentary, we are invited back to International Women’s Day when ScoMo said women’s success shouldn’t come at the expense of others. This comment speaks volumes to the dark ages that is Scott Morrison.

~ Lotus

This article in the Guardian by Katharine Murphy speaks to this dynamic and what is needed for change to occur.


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