What’s Your Superpower

black-and-white-supermanYou know the scene in the movie when the chips are down and the whole city is gripped with fear. There are people heading to their demise or the girl is taken hostage to see if the Superhero has the metal to take on his arch enemy. . You know how the superhero gets that look of absolute determination,  like suddenly he  (she) realises why he (she) was put here on earth.  THAT LOOK.   That’s the look I am talking about.

When was the last time you had that look in your eyes, that fire in your belly and that absolute-ness about who you were in all this?  Do you remember, or have you fallen asleep into your mild mannered secret identity?

We all know that there are times in our lives when we wish a Superhero would fly down or swing by and just pluck us out of the current reality that we find ourselves in.  But how disempowering would it be, if every time it felt too hard or too complicated, we just removed ourselves from the potential to learn something or turn it all around.  We all have a Superhero inside of us just bursting to get out and save our day.  A Superhero ready to take on our challenges and old beliefs, head on, with hands on hips courage.

And like the Superhero’s that we are, we all have our Kryptonite, our achilles heel. The times and places where we feel fearful, not good enough, incapable or down right defeated. Do you remember what happens in that part of the movie? The Superhero surrenders (I didn’t say gives up) quite the opposite.  He (she) surrenders, regroups, sometimes needing help, sometimes building his (her) resolve again, seeking clarity and resources to start again. To find that fire in the the belly and that look in the eye.

As a Superhero, it is great to understand our weaknesses and our ‘issues’.  It is great to be aware of our secret identity and how it keeps us safe and bored, unwilling to risk anything. However, what we REALLY want to understand, is what our strengths, skills, natural abilities and gifts are.  That is where our true strength lies.  That is where a Superhero gets that moxy that will save the day. Then its time to  apply these Superpowers for our own good as well as the good of man kind.

Have you discovered your Superhero Powers yet?

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