A Room of Her Own

Do you have a space of your own? a room of your own or even a desk? somewhere you can lay your heart open wide on the table and go and get a cup of tea and have it still be there, sitting, unnoticed by others on your return. A place that would bring about amazing privacy and sacred quitetness and creativity.

There has been a flurry of excitment with some of the gorgeous tribe of wild women I work with. They have acknowledged how much they devalue themselves by not taking up space, taking up too much space, taking up any space, instead of taking up all the space designated for them at their inception.

We start out as an idea and then a seed that grows roots and expands. The size of the womb that once cocooned us becomes too tight to hold the vision that the world holds for us, so we come out into a bigger space to play and dance and learn. And yet for many women, they apologise for their being here through the amount of space they do not take up.

History would tell us that we need to live in corsets to make us smaller, to cross your legs and fold your arms so not to attract attention, drive the cute little 4cylinderinstead of the V8 car, be the woman behind the man behind the legend etc etc. Don’t get me wrong, this is not about how much space men take up. Men take up space and they have every right to take up their space too, in fact as women, we are attracted to men that own their space {hmm hmm}. But for alot of women, we are not taking up our own space and so when we feel invisible and unimportant, we are really setting that up for ourselves.

A lack of space effects the extend of our stretch in our creativity and our focus.I have always had a room of my own or a space of my own. I carve them out in whatever place I am, whether travelling or staying with friends. I crave space, I delight in my own quite time. It facilitates down time, a chance for my mind to wander and ruminate, to breathe out and doodle in the corners of pages, to redesign my life, do my taxes or ponder on a line in apoem. I feel anchored when I go there, sit there, lie there, be there. I have fallen in love with working from bed lately, during the cold of winter, so I am in the process of finding a a bed to put in my office as my new expression.

The space you do your spiritual work may be the size of a cushion or a yoga mat or it may take up the whole garage or attic. You may not find it in your home, though I hope you do, so heading out of the house into the back yard or the local bush, park, library, a hub or cafe may be where you create your space. However you find it, make sure you find it. A space to call your own, a space that feels grounding and helps you to dive into your creative juices. A space that honours your wild authentic life. No inhibitions. Spreading out. Messy or neat. filled with magazines, art work, diaries, coloured pencils or just a rug and a laptop. However it looks for you and feels for you, create it.

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again – Joseph Campbell


Frida Kahlo- Artist

Cubby house in the back yard

Georgia O’keefe – Artist Studio

Meditation cushion


Paula Garrard- Artist


Yoga mat

Virginia Wolf- Writer

cosy nook

A swinging chair

room with a view

Nigella Lawson- chef and writer


Elizabeth Gilbert skybrary- Writer

Lotus Kruse – Truth Seeker

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