Raging at This Body of Mine


Raging at this body of mine that is in exile

Raging at this body not in Cryostasis, just the slow progression of time

Raging at this body that holds my story in its membranes/bones/blood/mucus.

carries my babies DNA

Raging at this body full of untapped pleasure as I hold it ransom to my heartbreak.

This body that moves me as it moves me. swoons me, dances me

This body waits for me to come in from the cold

This body longs to be taken seriously and given attention

Loving kindness

This body longs to be given over and taken hold of

This body that is waiting for a kind word to be spoken,

instead of silent violence splitting through my inner critic

Raging at this body which is my home

Raging at this body, this body that is mine

– Lotus Indigo Shakti

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