A Thousand Conversations

Here is to the thousand conversations women have about being a mother. Or maybe a million conversations. We explore, heal, learn and commune alot through our sharing.

I have been a mother for 21 years now and talking to women openly about the journey of being a mother and the single mother and money piece has been life changing. Stepping out of shame and into my own empowerment has literally saved my bacon.

When I became a single mother 11 years ago I experienced two profound things: The gorgeous freedom to parent my children the way I wanted to and a terrible fear that I would not know how to afford to keep them with me.

I experienced my first terrible anxiety attack one night from the psychological fear that I would fail to look after my children financially. It was a night I remember like yesterday and it changed everything because I drew a line in the sand and decided to figure it out.

Being a mother gets an idolised spin on it and being a single mother gets a struggled wrap but both are an over simplification of a very complex journey. with 80% of single parent families being mothers we have a lot to talk about.

For me ALL the conversations come back to a desire for women to be SOVEREIGN in their own life.

Money plays a far bigger part than I think most women realise. It is baked into the fabric of so many of our choices, and what supports us in becoming Sovereign. I know that map like the back of my own hands. I have walked it and I want to support you in being powerful though the journey.

This is not a program about all the things so many money programs are about. This is not a budgeting program by a dude or a millennial influencer. You will not be made to feel inadequate and like you need to get your shit together. I create safe spaces for us to really talk about what is going on and what is needed single mother to single mother.

You will learn some pretty subtle , new and powerful money inquiry skills that you can use for the rest of your life and these skills and inquiry can literally change your life.

In two days time I will be facilitating the first of it’s kind
Single Mothers + Money 7 week program.

I would love to invite you to join me on what I know will be an enriching and powerful journey.

Much Love ♥️ Lotus


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