11 Years Ago I Left My Marriage

On the 1/9/2010 The removalists came and moved my stuff to a little cottage on an acreage farm complete with dogs, cats and a horse. It was the first day of the rest of my life and I knew it in my bones.  I was both excited and terrified with two small children in the mix, to figure out how to do this thing called being a single mother. It felt like flying the trapeze without a safety net.

There were nights of 3am cold sweat anxiety, days when I thought I was going to fail at all of it and times when I didn’t think I had it in me.  There was also joy, adventures, falling in love again, changing course, building a business and moving to where I had always wanted to live. I lost so much in the leaving but gained so much more.

Today I celebrate the bravery of my past self who took a stand for herself. I get to reap all the rewards of that choice. My heart bursts with a love and pride for myself that I really fought for.



Back Camera

{myself 28 yrs old and friends at my wedding + a few days after leaving my marriage and moving out 40 yrs old with my little one 18months ; photo taken by my older son Bodhi 9 yrs}

It has been hard. Harder than I imagined it would be. It has demanded that I grow, evolve and dig deep into untapped inner resources often. It has required me to ask for help and receive it in abundance from loved ones who championed me through it all.

I stand solidly in my life now as a self-created woman, on purpose every step of the way. Intentional in most all I do and deeply deeply grateful for the journey.
One of the first things I did for myself was after leaving the marriage was to sign up with my first Money Coach {Meadow DeVor}. That decision was one of many life saving decisions I made.  I was so inspired by the healing, strength and clarity I experienced and helped me make some super powerful choices for myself, I decided to train as a Money Coach and trained to be a Money Love facilitator with Meadow. 
Since then I have studied with most of the world’s top master Money Coaches. I studied with the original and best founders in the field {not the latest flurry of newly graduated ‘money gurus’} I have also worked one on one and in groups and community with hundreds and hundreds if not over a thousand women and sometimes their partners in money work.  The women I worked with have been some of my greatest teachers.


So today is the perfect day to launch a very special and unique program. Single Mothers + Money. I have had this exploration brewing in the back of my mind for a few years now but I needed to make the psychological space for it because this can be pretty intense work. Especially if you want to do it justice.

I will be your intrepid leader for this body of inquiry. My qualifications are many and varied and that is all very lovely for anyone wanting to know that I have the credentials { I Do!} but the biggest qualification I can offer you in this special program is this….. I have walked the path, done the work and taken every piece of lead and turned it to gold.  I am intimately and innately qualified to talk all things about being a mother, a single mother and the unique interface with money that comes with the territory. So if you are a single mother, solo mother, re-partnered mother this program could be for you.

{me today at the age of 51.5 years, strong, content and solid in my skin:
Photo taken by my son Bodhi 20 yrs }


  • It is especially for you if you have experienced the gauntlet of separation, divorce, property settlement, child care agreements, navigating co-parenting and money, jumped through the  hoops of social welfare etc.
  • It is definitely for you if you have or are struggling to feel financially powerful in this landscape, have money anxiety compounded by your situation as a single mother. Even if you are feeling like you are pretty good now and got your money shit sorted, you will possibly find shrapnel from the fall out that still circles your psychology keeping you feeling internally {or externally gaslit in your experience}.

You’d be surprised what outdated and harmful beliefs, agreements and structures women are operating within and normalising, some losing or costing them thousands upon thousands of dollars as well as impacting their mental health.

This program could also be for you if you are considering leaving your relationship. Think of it as a pre-natal class for women wanting to leave.

Single Mothers + Money  is not a magic pill.  It is not a one stop shop that guarantees a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If anyone convinces you of that, run the other way.

What this program offers you is an opportunity to explore the landscape of your money relationship whilst incorporating the very specific money conversation of being a single mother because it does have it’s own unique set of inquiry.

I have been facilitating Money Love and the graduate program I developed, Alchemy of Money, for nine years now and I am accessible, real and engaged.  I know the power of this work to support you to feel better, experience clarity and generate a more powerful relationship with your money both now and for the future you are wanting to generate for you and your children.

Single Mothers + Money starts Tuesday September 28st
with live gatherings every Tuesday from 10am – 11.30 AEST/AEDT
for 8 weeks
+ three x 2 hour bonus gatherings added especially during the program because I know we have a lot to talk about❣️

The gatherings are all recorded so if you cannot come to the live gatherings you are still able to join in the whole program easily. Much of the content is fairly universal but parts of it will be specifically tailored to financial structures here in Australia.

Much Love ♥️ Lotus 




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