Be Kind

May you know that whatever your personal choices:- Sexual preferences and pleasures, child rearing values, choosing to not have children at all, if you are a cat or a dog person, where you are at in your money journey, if you drop out of uni, are a high flying / low lying self starter, on social well-fair, a stay at home whatever, religious or religiously atheist, what choices you make for your own health and wellbeing, your own safety and mental health, if you’re a little bit country or a whole lotta rock n roll….Whatever your gig or your jig is I want you to know the following.

❥ I define you as powerful and a powerful creator of your experience.

❥ I respect your right to make decisions that are in the best interest of you and your family.

❥ Other peoples opinion of you is really none of your business. {opinions are a dime a dozen}


Slow down, take it easy, rest, drink more water, have a good cry, have a good laugh {even at your own expense if that is funny}. go for a bush walk if you can, swim,have an orgasm or 2 or 3 , make soup, binge watch Lord of the Rings or Anne of Green Gables or the entire Quentin Tarantino universe, take naps, read poetry, write poetry, zoom call all your ex’s to catch up, take up roller skating like me and feel your butt muscles shouting loudly at you, mediate, read a good book from beginning to end, just move, make out with someone you like, breathe, dance around the house, down regulate, co-regulate, play twister with the household, write love letters and send them via snail mail, chalk draw a hopscotch down the path, pick flowers, downward dog or child’s pose, sip herbal tea, take your vitamins, lie on the ground and watch the clouds and the wind in the trees, shout into a pillow, bash a mattress, watch a sexy French film without the subtitles on, shave your hair off, get a tattoo, did I mention to take naps, give yourself a massage or get a massage, disconnect from the news cycle, get your groceries delivered, order extra firewood………… B E . K I N D .

❥ and then extend that kindness out as far as you can reach

Much Love ❥ Lotus


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