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Women are accused lovingly or otherwise of talking too much.

But I completely disagree

I don’t think women talk enough. We don’t talk enough about the sticky bits, the hard parts, the shamed and taboo topics.

Women don’t have enough conversations about….

  • Our reproductive choices and experiences
  • Our sexual desires, challenges and pleasures
  • What worries, troubles and concerns keep us awake at night
  • Our power, our lack of it and how to reclaim it when it’s diminished
  • What we need
  • What we desire for ourseleves
  • The complex journey of mothering or lack of it
  • And the complex relationship we have with our own mothers
  • Our historical abuses and the secrets we carry
  • Our anger and rage
  • Money and our honest to goodness relationship with it

And much much more…
We do not talk and share enough with each other about these and whatever else is in our taboo box or our shame box. We just throw it all in there, shut the lid, put on a smile and talk about something else.
We throw these conversations in the box of things not to be discussed because we have been convinced that we are not doing it right, we don’t understand it enough, we are not good enough, everyone else is looking like they have their shit together, we don’t know enough, we have no authority, we are stupid. 
We throw these conversations in the box because we have not found a safe place to have them. A safe place where we will not be judged, ridiculed, belittled or marginalised { shamed }.
We throw conversations in the box because we have been told these conversations are private and we shouldn’t ‘air our laundry in public’.

We may even throw conversations in the box because we are in controlling relationships and feel trapped, even invisible.

But women need to talk about so many topics more and more and more to inquire, understand, rewire, break down and build back up a better relationship, go into recovery, educate, build community and connection.
Money Love is one of these conversations that women need to have more of. We need it like we need tea and chocolate, fresh air and naps …..and loving connection.
Let’s talk about money and everything that is associated with money and that money is associated with. FYI it has a very long reach into all the corners of our lives.
Let’s air our laundry
Let’s dissolve shame
Let’s step out of isolation
Let’s disrupt taboos
When we discover that there is a universal experience that women intergenerationally have when it comes to our relationship with money.
What we discover is that we have been kept isolated out from normalising conversations about:
Money and power, money and invisibility, money and value, money and worth, money and consent, money and shame,

money and having it, money and struggling with it, money and wanting it, money and control, money and agreements,

money and family of origin, money and consent, money and care, money and education,

money as a woman, as a daughter, mother, work-college, money and the gender pay gap, money and the future,

money and love………….
What we discover is that talking about money can be incredibly enriching, empowering, liberating and expansive.
You get the picture right!
You are invited to step into a conversation with myself and a group of women for 7 weeks together and start an exploration about your personal and our collective relationship with money, wealth, economy, finances, value, worth and all the ways we are wired or desiring to rewire ourselves.

Money Love is about inviting space, light and air into the unspoken places. To liberate ourselves and each other in the inquiry.
We need to talk more, not less about these topics. We need to talk more, not less about money, We need to talk more about our values, our wants, our desires, our worth.
We need to keep talking and finding our way home.
Please join me in Money Love
The conversation starts next Monday 2th August. All the details are in this link.
Much Love ❥


Photo: roya ann miller via Unsplash


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