Blessed Be Me

blessed mary

Blessed be me on this day.

Blessed be the path I have travelled and the path yet to travel.

Blessed be my heart as I come to know it’s vast magnitude, it’s intimate depths, it’s capacity to encompass.

Blessed be all whom I call friends who are the salt of my earth.

Blessed be my flesh and blood who are my flesh and blood.

Blessed be my body, that birthed five babies seen and unseen.

Blessed be my passion that burns a flame brighter then fire trails can contain.

Blessed be my beauty that turns in from out as these years pass, may I be kind and love deep beyond my vanity.

Blessed be my spirit that I have come to know and like, my spirit that is still 3, 7, 10 15, dancing, forever dancing and twirling in flowing skirts and hair bunched up on top.

Blessed be my laughter that I hide too much.

Blessed be my rage that saved my life.

Blessed be the creations that are my true natures calling.

Blessed be the woman I sit with, cry with, listen to, hold high and love deep.

Blessed be my history.

Blessed be the sunrise on this day that shines through trees as my children sleep with warm feet on mine, breathing in innocence as I witness.

Blessed be myself, loving myself as I love my children;  for I once was and nothing is different except my height and width and worn in shoes.

Blessed be the goddess that expresses herself in white dresses and rages against the word and wild sex.

Blessed be my shadow that carries  secrets, hurts, abuses done to and by me, shame, loathing.

Blessed be my sweetness that is always there skin deep.

Blessed be  music that moves my body to fly beyond to clouds of heaven, and sways my organs as a rock my grief.

Blessed be all the dreams that a have shattered to make way for the dreams I never imagined I was big enough for.

Blessed be my love, and the love I receive that overflows through my pores into my blood.

Blessed be the woman that I am and the woman I am becoming.

Blessed be me on this day.

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