Divorce Sherpa

Nothing like working through and creating a powerful and equitable parenting plan for a client to make me need a strong drink. Pity I am having an alcohol free year. I am gonna need a strong chai instead with extra spice to help me relax. Still got to finalise the draft. It takes a lot of concentration to get it right.

Parenting plans are a huge undertaking as it is important to consider your children’s best support as well as include the space for you as a mother to have a right to earn money, study into a new career if you have been a stay at home mother, and to have a life outside of mothering.

So many women take on the lion share of the parenting, school drop offs, weekend social organising, extra curricular activities etc etc etc.

Some women do not get to create a parenting plan as the father has epically up and fucked off. Some times that is a good thing.

But often I see mother’s continue to make agreements from the same, small version of themselves that they shrunk to during the course of the marriage.

So many women just lie down and are crushed under the wheel of fathers wanting to opt out of their responsibilities as a parent and still behave like their career, work, gym membership and social life is exponentially more important than that of the mother.

That is where I come in:

♥ I sherpa you through separation.
♥ I doula you through the minefield of divorce.
♥ I take a stand for you in ways you don’t know you need to stand for.
♥ I dissect your outdated concepts and ideas about separation and divorce, sovereignty, rights, responsibilities, your psychology and
♥ I hold a warrior flame for you to aspire to your beautiful freedom and vision instead of just the compromise you have been sold for eons.

Women have been sold less than for too long. I am here to make sure women lean and live into a big beautiful vision for themselves and their future and I am here to make sure that you no longer furl.

I am really fucking good at what I do, but I also do not take on many women at a time in what I call Homecoming because it is intense. It requires focus, fortitude, stamina and a fierce fierce love and commitment to the greatness of these women.

But I love it. I am lucky in that way.

Much Love ♥️ Lotus

p.s. If you are thinking of leaving your marriage, please start working with me before you leave. You will have a far more powerful outcome.


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