I Am Avalanched


like an tsunami of love that was bound to happen sooner of later because the pressure to continue to unfurl is hollering at the door.

I am avalanched

When someone writes a line that is my hearts true voice spilled on paper and they hide it amongst other lines of profound truths as a subversive act of love. when the words are penned by a heart that is shaped as I wish to be shaped by time and distance.

I am avalanched

when someone writes me:

” Wow- powerful and liberated. Embracing all, humble and beautiful. Thank you.”

when someone writes:

“Just hearing your voice and talking to you has made such a difference to me… you are amazing”

I am avalanched
not like a stupid hallmark card
not like the sweet sap of treacle
but avalanched right in the heart like ET and his glowing finger
it singes and burns
parts of me that are determined to stay attached like a barnacle to its host, must crumble off.
it could be easy
it could be graceful as I pray and wish it would
I want to be classy in this but class has been dismissed
so there is only an avalanche that ruins my eyeliner
I am touched and I am floored
I am avalanched
into my love

– Lotus Indigo Shakti

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