Seen – Unseen


Night dark through the window with a hint of a moon that was there.
The light from the computer screen washes over white sheets
to light up the big empty room.
It is just me.
Quiet and unseen.
There is a crack in the world where my bed lays
with sheets all in a tussled ball from hours roaming its circumference.
I am in king size rehab from the noise of a too loud world.
No one knows I am here, still in my bed clothes from the day before.
No one sees me but the goddess that lingers in my shadow
where the bitch, the vixen and the earth mother all reside
sipping lotus flower tea and taking notes about my freight train thoughts.
Tonight it is just me
raw and unseen
on the edge of anticipation and a reluctance to go it alone.
Fooled to believe that it was a mans job to have me feel seen.
Seen- Unseen
by me
by computer light in the big empty room.

– Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse


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