In Situ

3 SistersUp before the Kookaburras this morning to drive the winding accession. I experience re-membrane body memory as I drive. Like an autopilot that says ‘I’ve got this’. Town after town of friends I could just stop off to reconnect. I blow silent kisses as I pass their neighborhood promising myself that they’d understand that I kept going.

Memories of first dates, conquests, wild adventures of a much younger incarnation of me. I would have never imagined then that I would climb up to this mountain peak in 30 years time with the story I now carry in my bones. I was so determined to always stay a free spirit. I was defiant, irreverent and determined to never fit in because fitting In smelt like a suburban disease.

So here I am, sitting in a cafe, another cafe. They are respites, temporary altars for my heart to rest in the sound of baristas hissing milk and coffee aromas overlapping with jazz, reggae and folk music like a backing track to my adventures.
The chai is masala today. The best sort. With never enough honey for my sweet cravings. This cafe is named after a constellation of stars. I think the cafe owner must be a poet to give this place in such a place as this northern place such a beautiful name. The marmalade is locally brewed and tastes like a gift from some aunty down the road that knew I would need it today. I taste her offering.

A woman walks in and I hear her order her morning coffee and immediately my ears spark. Such a distinct voice cannot be forgotten so I look up and our eyes connect. We remind each other of our names and talk about what has transpired in these past 17 years since we last knew each other. Then my thoughts call me back to me and her morning paper calls her back and we wish each other well and depart each other’s company whilst we sit next to each at the same table.

Still two hours to go till this important next step commences. An important meeting, and the air is thin enough me to breath with ease so I walk in the warm mountain sun down unkept footpaths till I find myself standing at the vista of a breathtaking view that is unequivocally the blue mountains. If I ignore the tourism that has popped up around this majesty I can imagine I am alone and seeing this view for the very first time. Beauty has a way of doing that. Startling senses awake like a surprise even when I’ve stood here dozens of times before. But the eyes that now see the world have never seen this view before. Three peaks stand as the story goes, as three sisters turned to stone, unable to break from the stoned spell.

Then like a roller desk imagery after imagery comes flying on the screen of my mind. My life in speed forward to this very moment in the continuum. In Situ.

– Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse

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