My Sister Rocks


” Follow your Bliss” – Joseph Campbell.

I think the assumption is that following your bliss is a cute, pretty, easy and an always flowing experience. That is not true… but rewarding would be true.
I want to share an example in doing what you love and following your bliss whilst picking up horse poo. To anyone that may think that living your love is indulgent, unobtainable or downright crazy, I want to encourage you to sit back and have a rethink. Living from your heart and being moved by your passion is the most ergonomically and ecologically sustainable way to live.

I am privileged to have been raised in a family where following your passion was considered pretty much the only way to live. The truth of that was always told, and that was that your passion requires your focus and your work. It doesn’t come on a silver plater, but through opportunities taken and new pathways carved out where there was none before. It requires life force, mental stamina and the willingness to do the work others wouldn’t do. The lessons were never lost on me.

This woman is a beautiful example of this lesson. I watch as my friend and sister Katrina Kruse continues to pursue her love of everything that can be done on the back of a horse. She has been a horsey girl since I can remember and here she is, still pursing her crazy horsey life. Over the course of the past year she has put on two major horse back events in Australia, Sponsored overseas teams and run the first Australian Bow Camp with an international guest.

Last week I noticed she wasn’t returning my calls because she was, unbeknownst to me, in Singapore at a horse back gig. This week she is in Iran with her gorgeous man who is also an avid horse back archery dude { if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em}.
This is what she does. It is how she lives, from horse lessons, to clinics, camps, national and now a flurry of international events, just doing her goddess shit on the back of a mule. It was not on offer at the careers day at school. It was not even a sport on offer at all the show jumping and dressage and cross country events I was dragged about to watch when I was a little girl.

This is a woman blazing her own trail, getting a lot of flack from the establishment of the horse back industry { who knew that there was politics even in that neck of the woods}. But as we have been taught in our family, that there will always be haters when you are a pioneer .Trina, as I call her, is just heads down, bum up creating what she loves, inspiring students all over Australia and meeting some amazing people around the world. She practices and improves her skills constantly and is building a strong sport here in Australia. She is such a wonderful example of doing your shit, following your bliss and starting a Wild Fire. My sister rocks.

– Lotus Kruse


Trina Horse Perfect

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