It’s My Anniversary + 5 Reasons You Should Not Work for Yourself

ShirleyToday is the two year anniversary of the day I stepped out of working for other people in their companies and stepped fully into working for myself. I’d love to say I proclaimed it to the world as my intention and circled the date on a calendar in empowered red ink. It didn’t really go down like that. It was a painful parting of friends that still has my heart heavy with the loss.

I was already running my own business as a coach / mentor whilst working for these Personal Development and Wealthy Creation companies, so after the tears dried it became clear to me that my work in the world of sovereign womanhood was really warming up and that I needed to follow the vision on my own terms.

From that day to this I have worked for myself and for my vision of Wildly Desirable Living and all that it encompasses because what was and is clear to me, is that for women to fully flower and grow in our true nature, we need the feminine or the Yin soil to do our creative work.

It was obvious as I saw client after client exhausted, stressed, over committed, with adrenal fatigue, going from no vision to overload then depression and depressants with all the loud slogan roar of taking massive action and having to set big shiny goals. For most women we are far more nourished by allowing the wild strength of our softness to come through in desire based living. It is more ergonomical, eco-sustainable and economical for a woman to be centrally seated in her feminine flow, in the generative energy of her womb space, which is the centre of creativity.

The past two years have not been all shiny and whistling pixies though. Personally it has been a reformation of types with a long drawn out child custody process that saw me catching planes every other week to fly in and out to care for my children. I downsized my worldly belongings to a storage unit and moved 10 hours north. It took a whole lot more of my energy than I even realised until I stopped and went into a healing recovery. I am happy to say I am now in my new land of plenty homeland with my two children in my care and creating new family rhythms, personal flow and abundance, deepening connection with my man and building clarity and purpose in my female centric mission. I love it here in this feminine vibrational landscape that catches my breath daily.

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As a woman who works for myself I support other women from my genius flow as a Coach / Mentor / Teacher / Embodied woman to:

~ Create their life from the flow of their genius using the principals of Alchemy and Creative Orientation, using Intuition; Macro-Patterning; Sensual-, Sexual-, Erotic-Embodiment and Self-Inquiry. This work is done in the structure of private one on one coaching and intimate group coaching.

~ I collaborate with my mentor and friend Robert Rabbin on teaching Speaking Truthfully Masterclasses as a premise for Shakti empowered living

~ I continue the work of the feminine model of money in Money Love Level 1 and 2 and beyond with Money Patterning, Sacred Money Archetypes and private Money Coaching.

~ I help women navigate marriage separation, divorce, child custody and property settlement as a spiritual homecoming back to themselves through Spiritual Practices; Embodiment Practices; Self Inquiry; Speaking Truthfully and Practical Tools, based on field notes of experience and resources.

To quote the recently departed Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend.
” It is the work I can’t not do. “

Work for Yourself

I stumbled upon this picture and thought I would have a go at answering it as a self imposed challenge to celebrate my 2 year Anniversary of working for myself though it is funny as I have predominantly worked for myself in one way or another………So here are the 5 reasons I work for myself…….

I join in collaboration with every woman I work with. I work with each women on what they desire to create. It’s collaborative.

I work for the benefit of individual women, for their relationships with themselves, their lovers, their children and extended family. I work for an empowered society of embodied, sovereign women, men and children because it is a compelling vision to be a part of.

I work in collaboration with my colleagues, my children and family. I have a team of people backing me who love me, support me in ways that confound and profoundly humble me because they believe in this work in the world.

I do the work on myself as a practitioner and student of the body of work I teach, so I can become ever expanding, present and clear in the work I do with women. I work from my embodied understandings, premise, experience, sensual practices, spiritual practices, money practices. So it is important I do the work for myself and my clients. I do the work with my mentor and coaches who are collaborating with me to Wild myself so I can support Wilding other women.

No one on the planet can do what I do in the way I do it. It is unique and without requisite, collaborative and steeped in deep listening and intuition, working with creative technologies and ancient spiritual wisdom so it organically grows and builds with an ever soul shifting job description. What I do in the world that is called work is my joy, my passion, my play, my desire, my vocation and I work for an ever manifesting vision. So really it could be renamed 5 reasons I should play with myself……… and that gives rise to a whole other writing topic.

~ Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse

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