Talkin’ Bout Money, Love and Big Boy Pants – an Interview with Susana Frioni from Lsd

Lsd_podcast1When it comes to partnerships, money can be touchy topic and one we’d prefer to avoid as it can trigger our fears, anxiety and shame. If you desire to have a thriving conscious partnership then you’re going to have to have the money conversations. The more transparent and honest you can be, the more powerful your choices can be in creating a life you desire.

But before delving into money and partnerships, we first must delve into money and self.
What is the quality of your financial well-being?
What is your personal relationship to money?
Are you a money lover?

Today I’m excited to share an interview I recorded a couple of weeks ago with a phenomenal woman (who is very dear to my heart) who is passionate about helping women reclaim their financial sovereignty. She is the ONLY Money Love Facilitator in Australia and runs her Money Love programs online from her sweet abode in Byron Bay.

I have completed her program, and I can say hand on heart, it is the BEST money work I have personally experienced. Yes – the content and practices are amazing, but I truly believe that it is her MASTERY at coaching, teaching and facilitating that makes this body of work so transformative and powerful.

Her name is Lotus Kruse and in this interview she shares:

how leaving her marriage with 2 kids was the catalyst for her money love journey
how money can be a sexy conversation
why putting on our “big boy pants” isn’t a sustainable approach for women
the new economy for women and redefining our roles in partnerships
the impact of self deprivation (and debt) on our future self
the power of your self worth AND net worth
what it means to be a money lover
Scroll to the top and click play to listen (37 mins)

Big Love




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