Love Your Actual Self

“So much of religion and spirituality feels like it’s all a program to make ourselves into something less janky and like more pure– like it’s all designed to sand down our edges, to make us more smooth. As if with enough yoga, or meditation, or Bible studies, or whatever it is, we can be less jagged and more smooth.But as someone who has gone through a whole life trying to seem strong as hell, and who’s realized my real power is in being vulnerable, I kind of have to call BS on all of that because I feel like it actually is the jagged edges of our humanity that connect us to God and to one another– like our failings, and misconceptions, and all of that stuff, it creates enough texture on us that other people have something to hold on to. ”

~ Nadia Bolz-Weber

” Whatever the origin is for you, that deep core, your actual center of gravity– the self that God is in relationship with and that God loves is your actual self. God is not waiting for you to become more spiritual to love you, or more successful to love you, or to get better at yoga to love you. The universe, God, the spirit loves your actual self.”

~ Nadia Bolz-Weber

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