Manifesto Slam Poetry


I believe in magic
I know less and less everyday
I trust my intuition and my capacity
I want world peace and a miss universe bikini body {in james bond gold }
I will surrender to my hearts calling every time

I can and sometimes I can’t
I have decided to stop making decisions from my circumstances
I have decided to breathe deeper
I have learnt that it is all made up of tiny little stories

I am +
I love

I desire and desire and desire, it is a long list
I kick ass in knee highboots and arms piled with bangles
I’m no longer afraid of being found out
I’ve left behind old paradigms

I’m most myself when  dancing
I have the best friends this side of the milky way
I am on this earth to do whatever the fuck rocks my boat

This is what I know to be true………….. love
This is what matters. yes this right here, right now, being present matters +

This is what I will make matter

I have unfurled
This is who I am; no apologies
I will be luminous

I need but am not getting wherever I have shut myself from flow
I love to give head, my unsolicited opinion on pretty much anything, presents wrapped in the bag from the shop I bought it from, compliments to strangers as they walk past.

I am challenged by women seeking permission for anything or everything
I nourish myself with poetry + photography + art + music + banana smoothies + chocolate + coconuts

I plan to change the world one thought at a time
If I never got paid again I would still let my girl friends have a melt down on my time
I am most proud of getting to know myself and finding out I am quite loveable

Portishead-glory box makes me strut around the room like I own it
I feel most fierce and brave when I am vulnerable with a man

I hold shame in my body until I don’t
Love walking out hurts the most

My superpower is mystical
My favourite bad word is the big F word mutha
My guilty pleasure is x rated
I am afraid of small maddening thoughts in the middle of the night

I get the biggest rush from being squashed between my children as they sleep, arms and legs dripping over me so I can’t move

I can talk for hours with women in circles
I laugh out loud with women in circles

I cry for release
I need to let go of clothes two sizes too small

I changed everything
I am grateful for public toilets that are kept clean
I feel deeply because I know no other way to feel

I forgive myself daily
I say yes to adventure + gifted camera parts
I say no to the status quo; especially my own
My secret wish wouldn’t be a secret if I told you now would it !


This slam poetry is a collaboration with the ever moxie, sweet as honey Jeanette la Blanc from

{ peace . love . free } kick ass manifesto creation


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