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I have been reading different research from different areas about motherhood and it is interested that there is a huge emphasis on career v’s motherhood and many of researchers and writers talking about ‘opting out of career in favour of motherhood’ or ‘opting out of mother hood to return to their career’. They ask women about the difficulty in giving up their work for full time mothering or how full time mothering is different from a working career.

The thinking that this type of writing comes from is a flawed thinking, limited thinking, linear thinking. The assumption seems to be, very much that women must do both or choose between either or quit on one in favour of the other. The whole premise is painful and no good can come from that type of thinking.

Motherhood has nothing to do with if a woman works or does not work, seeks to do what she loves for her own nourishment or spends her days with her children which can all be the same thing or vastly different.

motherhood is motherhood. Just as fatherhood is fatherhood and there never need to be a judgement on the choices that a mother or father make as way of care of their children and themselves. We live in a multiverse. these two options are only two out of an myriad of possible ways to create your life and have your children create theirs without women having to feel they have to choose between the red pill or the blue pill. The minute you birth a baby, still born, miscarried, full term, you are a mother, at least in my eyes. What you do after that is all about relating to another human being and caring for their needs. I don’t see that any of our choices in how we interact with these treasures in our care, is opting anywhere. It is a journey of evolution.

-Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse

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