Precious Thread

thread 1

Walking whilst unraveling.

shrink to fit, shrink to fit. There are a million tiny little ways that I catch myself shrinking to fit. In the omission of words that define my boundaries or that ” I love you ” that goes unsaid.

I feel guarded right now, like when I decided to close the door on my un-welcomed hope towards my past lover, I got my skirt caught in the door. Let it rip, a little voice whispers in my ear like the naughty girl in the school yard challenging me to defy my own small sore heart to walk around with thetorn edges of my heart hanging out without a needle and thread. 
They say that tears heal stronger then cuts so let it tear, let it rip, let it go the way it goes and heal slowly in its own time with no intervention from my well meaning ego that would have me pack my longing away in a neat priority post bag to be shipped off to a place where I can disown it and later read about it in someone elses book.

I feel guarded that you will see that I am done and not done and undone still, all about a boy that I have missed and missed for eternity and that I will continue to miss and miss till the other side. So I will walk whilst unravelling for the world to see that it is all made up of one long single precious thread.

– Lotus Indigo Shakti

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