Some Women

skinny girl

Some women are skinnier then others if we were to compare
so why compare a rose to a lilly, a sunset to a sunrise.
Some women can squeeze into girls jeans still.
You know, the ones with the glitter spirals up the side that you can’t find in the women’s section
because, apparently, a ‘real woman’ is supposed to have grown out of wanting glitter up her pants.
Some women don’t have hips for the hanging like other women have hips but she still has hips for the holding.
Some women will show you her ribs as well as her heart.
She will show you the valleys in her collar bone as she exposes her naked sensuality the way she was born to.
Some women look like bower twigs ready for the snapping; don’t be fooled by this falsehood.
You should see how strong her thighs and back are when she is carrying child.
Some women are skinner then you or I and skinnier then the new normal
Some women are skinny, like the catwalk models, so how is that her fault;
don’t shit on her runway to make a political point.
she has feelings too you know.
Some women are not like other women
but she is some woman


-Lotus Indgio Shakti

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