The Dance

dance 1

I will dance you:

I will enter you through the heart
your breath will quicken
your mouth will water
your pupils dilate

you will feel the wash of love over youlike a siren of the deep water
I will enchant you with my slow intoxicating dance
I will move through you and down your body
as a rhythm

I will enter you
and enter you
and enter you
till you rise to meet me

I will take your bliss and smear it on my face
so you can see what your ecstatic beauty looks like
as you trance in my dance you will offer yourself to me
I will consume everything you release
in my mouth, my universe, my sex

I will take all your pieces and smash them over again
till they be dust blown on the wind
you will be emptied
and filled with the emptiness you desire

I will wear you on my body so you will see
I am you and you are me
you will smell me and be done for.

-Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse

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