Tenderness is an Essential Nutrient



What I have learnt about women:
Over the course of the past three months, the Wild Fires: a tribe of women that group coach with me weekly and I, have been in a conversation about what it is to be a women that is embodied in the full glory of her Shakti. What holds us back, where we are strangers to ourselves and how we can regain and remain in-bodied-souls. We have touched on so many things from body love, pleasure, communication, boundaries, creative fire,calling on body wisdom and ancient wisdom and listening deeply to our own ocean.

What I have learnt from these intimate conversations are many and still unwrapping. But I have learnt this one thing that is so vital to the way I treat myself, others, to the time I take and the attention I give.

I have learnt that women need to be held far more tenderly, by ourselves and others then we have ever given ourselves permission for in the past. I have leant that so much more kindness is needed, deeper compassion for all the parts of women that are still small, shy, fearful, hurting, hating, mistrusting, unforgiving, not enough, broken, mishandled, choked down………. giving time, gentle time and space and kindness for women to warm up into the conversations that matter.

That this tender holding of space is also what is needed for the bud to blossom of our magnificence, our authentic voice, our offering, our radiance, our contribution, deep generous love and fierce advocacy for our lovers, children and community global or local and as an offering to our women kind and ourselves.
It is so important for women to find as much sacred space in their lives and create such containers that support them in unfurling all of themselves into the space set down for them to take up. Take up fully, wholly and holy. Of course what I have learnt about women can be applied in equal dose to our beautiful men and children.


– Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse

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