Women: Your Orgasms Are Shameful………


Please, wait one minute! I am the messenger here, not the message.

I don’t think this is true, but the United Kingdom government does, and I thought you ought to know about it.

Personally, I love having a woman ejaculate with and/or on me.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had several lovers who were able to ejaculate love-juice in such copious amounts as to make my offering seem meager and miniscule. With one lover, swimming in her ejaculatory stream was like free-diving in a beauteous, warm-water sea with clapping swans and gulls and rolling tides and a scream and shout from somewhere, and strong currents and more waves, and waves, kind of watery tsunami earthquakey movements and guttural, feral cries and, well, OMFG, it was ecstatic, wonderful, beautiful, intimate.

Only one of the women was a bit shy about her capacity to send forth orgasmic floods of near Biblical proportions; but when she found me to be utterly delighted encouraging, she quickly abandoned her reticence.

When gazing into the candle-lit face of a woman who is experiencing such deep and sweeping shocks and shudders of bliss and who roars her transcendent pleasure into the world with such force and passion and power, without self-consciousness, surrendering to that primal and earthy gift of the Creator, a treasure of pleasure and bliss and self-transcendence, looking at the face of that woman is nothing short of seeing the face of the Creator.

And that’s only from my perspective!

Here’s what female ejaculation is like from a woman’s point of view and experience, as related to me for this column by my Australian friend Lotus Indigo Shakti Kruse, who alerted me to this new law:

“I spent too much of my sexual life without the knowledge of how to access my deepest surrender, my most out of control giving up into something transcendent. My ejaculation. I have the delightful pleasure to be able generate and cycle orgasmic electrical energy through my body. I have also tapped into the roller coaster ride of a climax where I tip over the edge into a surrendered warm abyss and bliss. Once I discovered the unleashed power of my own ejaculation, I was sunk quiet literally in a transcendental state of screaming rapture like never before. A complete letting go of control and being overcome but the incredible energetic waves in my body.

“Through my own experience and through speaking to hundreds of women in my life and my work I have learnt that we have collectively been taught and encouraged to shut down our pleasure, our orgasm. To control our output, not be ‘too much.’ Because of this, most women clamp down their climax. They literally choke it. There is a whole plethora of wounding through the millennia, misinformation and miseducation that has led to this type of strangulations of the totality of a woman’s sexual empowerment. Entire sectors of women do not even know the vast capacity for their body to bring them ecstatic release into something otherworldly and yet primal. Orgasm, climax, ejaculation as to release stress, shed layers of encumbrance and to rejuvenate and lubricate the organs of the body. And apart from the incredible health benefits of the female ejaculation there is the deep clearing out of physiological reside and a coming home to the power of what I call the ‘species of woman.’

“Having the collective cum of women criminalized and shut down through political legislation sends a message of shame and denial once more to women. Like the missing gospel of Mary Magdalene, omitting the natural and full velocity of a woman’s sexuality from pornography both art house and profane, is cutting out the truth of the absolutely miraculous nature of the woman’s ability to create not only her pleasure but create loving intimate connection through the offering of her complete divine surrender. Female ejaculation is called Amrita, ‘the nectar of the gods.’ In ancient times men would drink it before they went to war to make them immortal. And at the heart of it, the urge of politicians to control women’s bodies, their connection to their power and thus deep erotic connection between humans is their lack of understanding of the incredible healing energy that a woman’s orgasm, climax, ejaculation and lactation does to the collective peace on the planet.”

Well, back to the story. I can best summarize the what’s happening by referring us to a NewStatesman column by Lauren Razavi, entitled “No spanking or bondage: why the government’s new porn laws are arbitrary and sexist.” She writes:

“In a hopeless government attempt to control what Britons get off on, new rules regulating the UK porn industry have come into force this week. The Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 imposes restrictions on the content of pornography made and sold within the UK—and it does so with a perplexing ignorance about the realities of modern technology.

“British porn producers and consumers will now be subject to some of the harshest restrictions anywhere in Europe, with speculation that this is only the beginning. Video-on-demand content produced or sold in the UK is no longer permitted to show a vague and arbitrary list of explicit acts.

“Physical or verbal abuse, depictions of non-consensual sex, strangulation, and urination in sexual context are all included on the list. Only “gentle” spanking, whipping and caning is allowed, though where exactly the government draws the line between the gentle and the excessive on this particular matter is unclear.

“Some of the acts facing on-screen censorship are especially popular in LGBT and BDSM communities, and participants argue that taking part in them poses no risk to consenting adults. Much more taboo sexual activities such as bukkake (a large group of men climaxing all over the same woman) and paraphilic infantilism (dressing up and being treated like a baby for sexual pleasure) are seemingly not addressed by this new legislation.

“Not only is the law misguided, it’s also deeply sexist. Showing female ejaculation on screen has been outlawed completely, while male ejaculation (on the face, breasts, feet, backside, wherever) faces no direct restrictions. Is female ejaculation really so vulgar and explicit that people shouldn’t see it, in pornography or anywhere else?”

You would probably agree with me when I say these paragraphs open a thrilling Pandora’s Box (no pun intended) of conversation topics. I only want to take up the issue of a woman’s ejaculation being somehow unworthy of being shown, especially in light of the “bukkake” she mentions.

It’s yet another example of society restricting women’s power in general and their sexuality specifically, something that has been going on for centuries. An article by Eric Berkowitz in “Alternet” speaks about this:

“Since the dawn of humankind, men have not only feared women’s sexuality, they have also, to a surprising extent, measured their power in terms of how effectively they could suppress the rights of women on a variety of fronts.”

Ruby May is a Brit living and working in Berlin, who describes herself as “a truth-seeking, edge-dwelling creative visionary who believes that living a life beyond our imagination is entirely possible…” Ruby’s workshops and private coaching sessions “weave together my interest in conscious sexuality, authentic expression, spiritual ecology and shadow healing with my passion for ritual and magic spaces.” Ruby has posted a video in which she expresses her thoughts about this censorship.

Now, why is an American male concerned about this?

I refer you to the first two paragraphs of this column.

I am also concerned because I really can’t stand governmental regulation of what consenting adults do with their bodies, especially in terms of sexuality. I don’t want anyone to impose their sexual hang-ups and fears on me, be it a government, a religion, or, well, anyone. I do not want to live within parameters set by fear, insecurity, dogma, shame or some random code of morality.

I’ll find my own way, thank you very much.

We all, women and men and the LGBT community, have enough to work through in terms of sexual freedom and exploration and expression. We don’t need the U.K. government to say that female ejaculation is on equal footing with strangulation and must not be shown. Oh, but it is okay for 50 guys to stand over a woman and jack-off until they soak her in their semen. Nor do we need governmental regulation of this in the U.S. Or anywhere, in my opinion.

Wouldn’t it be great if an enterprising videographer and thousands of fearless women would upload to Vimeo (or YouTube) videos of them ejaculating? Hundreds and thousands of videos! It’s natural, dear people. It’s good. It’s great.

Here, I’ll end this column by saying God wants women to ejaculate! Women want to. I want them to. It’s a sacred and beautiful expression of biology and soul.

Author: Robert Rabbin

originally published in elephant journal



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