Talkin’ Alchemy, Feminine Flow and Deep Self Care with Susana Frioni of Love, Sex, Desire

Lsd_podcast1Today’s special guest has been on this Podcast Series before. Last time we spoke about money and partnerships. This time, we’re talking about being an Alchemist, returning to your feminine flow and her upcoming Deep Self Care Retreat (where I’ll be teaching a special erotic dance workshop).

Lotus Kruse is a Master Coach, teacher and facilitator who has been working with women for over 20 years. Her business, Wildly Desirable Living, is about supporting women in becoming wildly sovereign, desire orientated and guided by intuition. Lotus has extensive training and experience in many modalities that she keeps in her tool box to support, help, inspire, train, and coach women in what it takes to live untamed and free.

n today’s episode Lotus shares:

What is the practice of Alchemy
How to regenerate yourself through desire
The most important question to ask yourself
Understanding feminine flow for your greatness
Reconnecting with her womb & sexual self
Being self-full, especially as a mother


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